We strongly suggest to follow the following installation and activation steps: Installation manual. See Release Notes here. See more information about GeneXus. #9 (Build #), Este download contiene el setup de GeneXus 15 Upgrade 9 y de . NET|ODBC. § Database name: de la base de datos>. § Server name: de servidor o IP>,. § Use trusted connection.

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In order to develop an application must be install: Release del Framework Redistributable 2. For more information please refer to: Oracle Client version 8.

The implementation uses Microsoft Data provider for Oracle System. OracleClientwhich is required by the client. Besides, when you create a model you must copy the IBM.

You must have 8. The dll is IBM. MySQL supports different engines to manage data store and indexes. The engine Genexus uses is InnoDB http: NET from the following link: After installing it, you will have: It is automatically copied to the bin directory.


NET access is supported as from the generator Upgrade 2.

Requirements – .Net Generator Manual of Genexus | Article

Once installed, to create a model you must copy the IBM. This dll is located in the following directory: You must setup the following in the model DBMS options: Before the generator upgrade 2, it is necessary to access with ODBC.

The DBMS version can be 7. In the client you must install the client with the corresponding version.

We recommend Intersolv or Informix drivers. The data provider is distributed by the generator and consists of two dlls: Net data provider for Postgresql. It allows any program developed for. Net framework to access database server. Works with Postgresql 7.

Y no requiere instalar ningun cliente. Before the generator upgrade 2, you must access with ODBC.

Android Requirements | Article

If you implement a Web application you must have the server: It must be installed before the. Otherwise, the following error will occur: See the solution here. The production Server requirements are similar to tenexus previous ones. To use the generated. We suggest referring to the Microsoft page to obtain the requirements of. NET Framework and J distribution package.


Net Generator Manual of Genexus 9. This documentation is valid for: NET Platform In order to develop an application must be install: Oracle Oracle Client ,anual 8. DB2 Universal Database You must have 8.

Requirements – .Net Generator Manual of Genexus 9.0

Hardware requirements To use the generated. Was this page helpful?

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