Manuals · KHB Photografix. LPL Series 6×7 Enlargers. LPL MX Dichroic Enlarger. (in the USA, Omega/LPL MXL Dichroic). I have an LPL VCCE Multicontrast Enlarger and am in need of some I do not have a manual and my internet searches have proved. which can be found on the back cover of this manual. Information regarding the fitting and changing of light mixing boxes is detailed in the ILFOSPEED.

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Hi Can anyone help? I have just bought a second hand enlarger but it came without a manual. So I need help setting it up and instructions on how to use it properly! Not certain what the VCCE means, is it a multigrade head?

LPL VC7700 6×7 VCCE Enlarger Instruction Manual

VCCE seems to be the variable contrast head. Tony I have this enlarger with both colour and multigrade heads. It is a very good solid machine.

My only quibble is with the Universal negative manula, which cuts off some of a 6×7 negative, so I acquired a glassless 6×7 carrier, from Canada which is excellent. Mine came ready assembled and I have not had to change a bulb yet.


LPL C MX Printed Manual

When Lpll do a copy of your manual would be handy, Tony. No problem Paul, just send me a PM opl your address when you are ready and I’ll post it to you. I don’t know about all this digitising, I was going to photocopy it and put it in the post. It might be worth getting a new lamp plus a spare, even if the current one works, as they deteriorate over time.

LPL VCCE Multigrade Enlarger [Archive] – Film and Darkroom User

Mine failed a few weeks after buying the enlarger, and the replacement was noticeably brighter – not what you need when learning how to get the best from a new piece of equipment.

Ian That’s a good point Stan. I have a couple of spare lamps, but I think I will hold off changing it for the moment, as I have only just calibrated an exposure meter for three types of paper and presumably this will have to be done again if the new bulb is brighter than the old? I have now tracked down a manual on the internet, but thanks both for your kind offers.


If you’re only ,anual black and white you shouldn’t need to recalibrate for a new lamp – the meter will just give you shorter exposures! Thanks Richard, I didn’t have my thinking head on!!!!

LPL 7700 VCCE Multicontrast Enlarger

Sorry folks, but it is the same request as Scouselil’s and I too am trying to track down manuals for these enlargers. My kit came with both heads; one with condensers an Edison Screw lamp for mains voltage marked C Pro, the other with the filters and powered via a step down transformer to a small voltage and marked C Color Pro.

So it looks like I’ll be needing both manuals??

If you want it send me a PM with your address and I’ll see what I can do.