Los Tambores del Candombe (Coleccion Peces) (Spanish Edition) [Luis Ferreira] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Candombe is an African derived rhythm that has been an important part of in the introduction to the book “Los Tambores del Candombe” by Luis Ferreira. knowledge of the tambores and candombe is a constant inspiration. candombe , the tambores, and their rhythms generally served as a means of inserting.

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Candombe can-dome-bey is an African derived rhythm that has been an important part of Uruguayan culture for over two hundred years.

Uruguay, with a population of approximately 3. This rhythm traveled to Uruguay from Africa with black slaves, and tsmbores still going strong in the streets, halls and carnivals of this small enchanting country. To understand how this rhythm, which is so strongly rooted in Uruguayan culture evolved, one would need to turn back the pages of African cancombe South American history to look at how this contagious rhythm anchored at the shores of Montevideo.


Candombe drums – Wikipedia

The text that follows are excerpts from books and articles written about candombe, as well as the viewpoint of individuals who have been close to this scene.

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, was founded by the Spanish in a process that was begun in and completed in African slaves were first introduced to the city in The roots of this population were not homogeneous, but rather a multi-ethnic swath of Africa that was culturally quite varied. The Bantu area is an enormous cultural region of Africa with an extremely complex mosaic of ethnicities, consisting of over groups with a linguistic heritage that overwhelms man’s migratory limits: It is believed that no less than ten million “ebony pieces” disembarked on the coasts of North and South America.

This implies a bleeding of sixty million souls, if we consider that only one of every six victims of this human ols ever made it alive to the harbors where they were to be auctioned. To understand what this meant, in demographic terms, it is sufficient to consider that at the beginning of the 19th Century, Buenos Aires had a population of merely 50 thousand.


Candombe drums – Wikiwand

Biafra, you’re deserted and your drums are no longer around While they could, your people sang: Ne-ia ne-ia cumaia-nagata Ne-ia ne-ia cumaia-nagata. The term is generic for all black dances: Its musical spirit sums up the sorrows of the unfortunate slaves, who were hastily transplanted to Tambkres America to be sold and subjected to brutal work.

These were pained souls, harboring an inconsolable nostalgia for their homeland.

They candpmbe them and harshly punished their participants, considering the dances a threat to public morals. The African poet Amos Totuola writes: El Tango by Pedro Figari 35x50cm.

Oriental Republic of Uruguay Short Form: