Terapia Intensiva (eBook online) SATI (Sociedad Argentina de Terapia Intensiva) . La quinta edición de Terapia Intensiva, una obra ya consagrada y con más de. Read Terapia intensiva book reviews & author details and more at by SATI (Sociedad Argentina de Terapia Intensiva) (Author), Panamericana ( Editor) .. Se trata de un libro escrito para ser consultado, bien organizado y. Book of Abstracts / Libro de Resúmenes. International Meeting of Sociedad Argentina de. Terapia Intensiva. S.A.T.I. World Federation of. Societies of Intensive.

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One the best contribution of our specialty in the world has been in the control and management of the patient care resulting organ donors, postoperative care and our Critical Care vision from the viewpoint multidisciplinary and lbro professional.

I am an honest physician, vocational, always committed to the organization, such as I have more than 22 years worked in the Spanish National Health System.

I have a suitable certificate of the General Council of the Physician College in Spain of my work in the last 31 years. During last 6 years we are living in our country a deeply economic crisis.

Our National Health System is infensiva over own resources of the State and going to intensova everybody that they working in Spain, even inmigrants and your relatives that not they work. The people working in the Spanish NHS have a mind clear that the system must to be sostenible. But the system not give us opportunities to research and develop in the professional career.

The critically ill patient is in anywhere in Hospital, not just in the ICU, but also in any floor, ward or even outside the Hospital. It also, we fight over the hight cost processes with best quality, by the way, ICU are being a mainstay of the Hospital. Also the daily practice during this time. No subsequent monitoring and management Cardiology. Knowing the diagnostic and treatment of the most common infections in intensive care, prevention and risk factors of nosocomial infection surveillance methods and treatment of sepsis and multiple organ failure.

Ventilacion mecanica / Mechanical Ventilation : Guillermo R. Chiappero :

Knowing the diagnosis and treatment of common blood disorders in the ICU, such as clotting disorders and hemostasis, neutropenia and immunosuppression, and anemia, as well as general therapeutic blood and anticoagulant. Knowing the diagnosis and treatment of critical illnesses such as gastrointestinal acute abdomen, severe gastrointestinal bleeding, pancreatitis, liver failure and acute exacerbation of chronic liver disease and its complications, as well as appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.


Experience in coordination patients under brain death with differents specialties for organ donors. Teaching nursing and doctors for improve the needs to obtain organ donors. Courses to learn how to. Management patients outside of ICU, after your discharge of the ICU, for avoid hide mortality, during at least first week. Diploma of Degree in Medicine and Surgery M. Competence in Multidisciplinary skills see skill features on Critical Care Medicine and Emergencies, dominating both intravascular and cardiac monitoring, advanced control support in mechanical ventilation even under severe lung injuries and refractory hypoxemiaalso damage control all type organic supports, including continuous veno venous hemodiafiltration, respiratory support therapy, noninvasive ventilation even in asthma and metabolic disordes of patients under any type shock.

Devoting all my time to my practice more than medical guards of 24 hours in the ICUalso my daily work, in the ICU. Internet and Health Sciencies.

Ventilacion mecanica / Mechanical Ventilation : Guillermo R. Chiappero :

Society of Critical care Medicine. Provider Level Noviembre de y Second prize, Best Research Projetc. Sociedad Asturiana de Medicina Intensiva 21 de noviembre de 1. De los Cobos T. Sociedad Asturiana de Medicina Intensiva. Control de linro de un Servicio de Medicina Ingensiva de un Hospital intermedio.

Umbral de captura y perdida de escape ventricular en el implante de marcapasos definitivos. Viana do Castelo Portugal 6 de Junio de 1.

Internet y Medicina Intensiva.

Curriculum Vitae (English)

Madrid de Junio de 1. Internet y Medicina Intensiva: The Case of Intensive Care Units. Effects of body position on your performance. Servicio de Medicina Intensiva.

Lovesio – Medicina Intensiva

Aneurisma Disecante de la Arteria Pulmonar. Las Palmas, 23 de Junio de. Oviedo del 24 al 26 de noviembre de Delirium en el paciente critico: Herrero Santiagorealizada el 31 de Octubre de 1. Santiago Herrero Octubre 1. Critical Care Medicine Listserv. Facultad de Medicina de Valladolid, Burgos y Oviedo. Congresos Virtuales o en Presencia Real. Santiago Herrero26 de Intsnsiva de Las Palmas, 22 de Junio de Porto de Febrero de Informatica em Cuidados Intensivos.


A Presentacao de diferentes programas para recolha de daos em direfentes servicios Santiago Herrero. Santiago Herrero de Octubre de Tratamiento con fluidos en los estados de Shock. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Orense del 25 al 27 de mayo de. Nuevas estrategias de tratamiento. Simposium esponsorizado por Abbott. Principado de Asturias, Santiago Herrero. Comunidades Virtuales de usuarios en Internet. Santiago Herrero 18 a 20 de Janeiro de Roo de Junio de International Service Department of St. Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Santiago Herrero In the 11th international symposium on shock and critical care.

Sunday, 15 August Santiago Herrero In the 12th international symposium on shock and critical care. Amsterdam 26 October, Santiago Herrero In the 13th international symposium on shock and critical care in Conjunction with the 3 Symposium of Nutri Indonesia. Santiago Herrero Abbott Symposium. Tailoring treatment for need patients in acute heart failure. Organizado por La Univerdidad de Taumalipas. Presented at Dorrington Medical Associated.

Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Intensiva. November Aguayo de Hoyos, E. Volume 20; Supp 2, Intensive Care Med S Herrero ; T. Medicina Intensiva, Vol 17; Sup 1, June Revista Portuguesa de Medicina Intensiva.

Submitted for publication to Am J Cardiovasc Drugs. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation preferences among health professionals: A tale of three countries Spain, Mexico and Singapore. Nitric oxide NO and extratracheal continuous gas flow in the acute respiratory distress syndrome. Crit Care Med ;32 2: High versus Low Tidal Volume through Extra- tracheal continuous mixed Nitric Oxide in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome and refractory hypoxemia. Flocculant solution therapy as treatment for fresh paint ingestion.

Pacemaker therapy in the elderly patients. Journal of Geriatric cardiology, 4 2: Thrombolysis in elderly patients. Journal of Geriatric cardiology, 4 4: Preferencias de RCP entre los profesionales sanitarios en Mexico: An S Sin ; 1 3: Multicenter Study about the nursing attitude for the patients with delirium.

Historia de la Medicina: Lessons and obstacles in Neuroprotection. Delirium in Critically Ill Patients: Submitted Am Journal of Psychiatry. Suplemento 44, Septiembre-Octubre, N 44, Vol 8, 52p.