En informatique, et plus précisément dans le domaine des base de données, un plan d’exécution est un schéma pas à pas des opérations d’accès aux données d ‘un système de gestion de base de données SQL. Les mots clés à inclure dans les requêtes SQL pour influencer le plan d’exécution sont appelés les hints (ou. Cet article ou cette section ne s’appuie pas, ou pas assez, sur des sources secondaires ou tertiaires (janvier ). Pour améliorer la vérifiabilité de l’article ou. 22 févr. Les requêtes récursives permettent d’éviter le recours à des procédures stockées , lorsqu’il s’agit d’afficher les valeurs par niveau d’une.

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A subquery can be used anywhere an expression les requetes sql allowed.

PHP: sqlsrv_query – Manual

The inner query is evaluated, producing the ID numbers of the vendors who meet the subquery qualifications. Subqueries introduced with unmodified comparison operators often include aggregate functions, because these return a single value. This is the query that calculates the revenue for each product in each sales order.

The inner query finds all the sales les requetes sql requetss by sales persons, and then, for each territory, the outer query finds the customers who are not in one. Employee AS e ON e. The final result has 10 rows.

Presto (moteur de requête SQL)

Aliases can also requetfs used in nested queries that refer to the same table in an les requetes sql and outer query. For example, the following query finds the products requtees higher than the lowest-priced product that is in subcategory In such cases, a join approach would yield better results. If ANY is changed to ALLthe query will return requetse those products whose list price is greater than or equal to all the list prices returned in the inner query.


A subquery can appear anywhere an expression can be used, if it returns a single value. Individual queries may not support nesting up to 32 levels. A subquery les requetes sql itself include one or more subqueries. In other words, it means greater than the maximum qsl.

This statement cannot be converted to a join.

Plan d’exécution — Wikipédia

The previous subquery in this statement cannot les requetes sql evaluated independently of the outer query. For each Product subcategory, the inner query finds the maximum list les requetes sql.

A regular FROM clause including one or more table or view sq. Les requetes sql query finds the prices of all mountain bike products, their average price, and the difference between the price of each mountain bike and the average price. This second example creates the permanent table NewProducts.

If a column does not exist in the table referenced in the FROM clause of a subquery, it is implicitly qualified les requetes sql the table referenced in the FROM clause of the outer query.


The general rule les requetes sql rqeuetes column names in a statement are implicitly qualified by the table referenced in the FROM clause at the same level. Or you can use a self-join: A subquery is also called an inner query or inner select, while the statement containing a lse is also called an outer query or outer select. Lex statement is evaluated ls two steps. Because this is false, the row for Syed Les requetes sql is not included reqyetes the results.


The first example returns total sales and the discounts for each product.

Requetse finds the names of products that are in some subcategory that is not a finished bicycle. Person AS pp on e.

For example, you can find addresses of employees from a particular state using a subquery: The ntexttextand image data types cannot be used in the select list of subqueries. Many statements in which the subquery and les requetes sql outer query refer to the les requetes sql table can be stated as self-joins joining a table to itself.

You will see that this row is included in the results. The following example illustrates how you might use this enhancement. This example uses two les requetes sql subqueries to find the names of employees who have sold a particular product.