Kunlun. The forgotten practices of self-awakening. By Max Christensen with Chris 18 Sexual Energy and the Practice of Kunlun Nei Gung 13 Traveling. When we start to define a technique, a practice, a modality, a science, and outer work that Max was able to reconnect us to forgotten teachings and practices . of your self awareness by quickly awakening your true self and dormant nature. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Kunlun: Pratiques oubliées d’éveil de soi by Max Christensen; Kunlun – the Forgotten Practices of Self-Awakening: Max Christensen with.

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This system is composed of 25 different practices, with two major root practices. The primary root method is a physical posture. The second method is used to open the dormant potentials of the brain and upper tan tien.

Kunlun: The Forgotten Practices of Self-Awakening

Another root method of the system is one forgotteen the most Ancient teachings, once reserved only for the head instructor of the monasteries and temples from which this method originated. It is the practice of rapid re-awakening, arousing ones dormant spiritual potential quickly, safely.


The practice is a powerful way of letting go of what is not needed.

When a saturation point is reached, munlun energy begins to pulse from one pole to the other. This state allows the heart to open, eventually returning us to kjnlun natural state. When other systems are taught, in particular, systems that increase the fire element, such as Kundalini, or systems that increase the chi as in chi gungwithout the proper preparation of the connection of all forgoyten tan tiens in a strong magnetic field produced by the middle tan tienit can potentially lead to biological strain at minimum or neurological dysfunction, leading to a breakdown of biological systems in the body.

Practicing KUNLUN method regularly will purify the entire body as the seventy-two thousand nerves called nadis, are forgottem and cleared by the psychic heat generated. The end result is that the nerves can handle much stronger magnetic potentials, which is very important, because the further you go with this practice the stronger the internal current becomes.

It is the practice of rapid re-enlightenment, awakening ones dormant spiritual potential quickly, safely and without effort.

Kunlun Nei Gung

Uses the three energy centers to refine the qualities of the body, mind, and spirit alchemically. Strengthens the organs, balancing the emotions, and is the physical building block toward spiritual freedom.


This basic method results in the balancing of the body, mind and spirit, and bringing calmness to the active mind. Some other techniques you may learn include: This method help to stretch and open the back and to allow the free flowing of chi throughout the energy meridian of the spine.

For Spirit travel, inner awareness development. Some other techniques may can learn are: Red Phoenix 2; Reverse breathing; 3-ones meditation; Grass gliding; Sun-absorbing practice; Sleep fofgotten.

Helps release hidden mental blockages corgotten within the heart. Some other techniques you may learn are: If you would like to schedule an event in your area, please contact us.

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