RokBox is a fully responsive modal plug-in for Joomla. The extension can display many different media formats such as images, videos, music, embedded. Joomla Rokbox This tutorial was requested by a Joomla training student in our forum. They wanted to make images and videos on their site. Before Joomla if you wanted to publish picture galleries, you needed to get a special component with plugins and modules. Now with the.

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Not worth paying for support just to fix and see if we can fix it. Increase the speed of your site by enabling the RokBooster plug-in.

You will jlomla to go to the Plug-in Manager to enable them. Use a text link: Albums to group related images Key Bindings for easy navigation: Joojla Nice effects and design. Install Using The Extension Manager. Now with the expanded nesting categories, ACL and a free plugin, you can duplicate most of the functionality of a gallery component.

They will be named: You insert a short code into an article, and call pictures straight from a directory on your server. RokPad was devised as a tool to provide an easy and elegant interface for editing Joomla content, to make it a pleasure, not a chore. It is a nice looking plugin.


The Joomlashack Blog

You can then try one of these two options:. The extension is very easy to use, also if you don’t use the codes in the documentation. I used this to: Broke the Site Chris Merchant 8. Not Bad Cameron Simmons 4. There are buttons that robox you though everything unlike many other free extensions of this type.

This tutorial was requested by a Joomla training student in our forum.

Place Joomla Images and Videos in a Pop-up – Joomlashack

You can use FTP, your file manager or any bulk upload method. RokBooster can dramatically reduce the number of HTTP calls a browser has to make, and sending those compressed files GZipped means your pages will load faster with less load on your server.

Jun 05 License: You can use Rokbox in your other extensions. Posted on 16 October Posted on 15 December The system itself is built on a custom tag-based architecture with the ability to have multiple tag-based galleries. RokSprocket is a revolutionary extension for Joomla designed to give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content. These are very simple examples to get you started:. Display 12 30 60 You can fine-tune the permissions by using the ACL Manager plugin.

It provides a feature rich platform for extending the menu, allowing for overrides and plugins for the menu itself, in addition to versatile theming capabilities rokhox so much more. Installing Rokbox Rokbox can be downloaded from the downloads section of Rockettheme.


Our advice was to try Rokbox from Rockettheme. You will not need both of them, Just install and activate the one you want to use.

Rokbox Popup for Images – Forum – Kunena – To Speak! Next Generation Forum Component for Joomla

We were not able to get JGive properly running and found out after some days that the RokBox was causing this. The normal way of using Rokbox will only work inside articles.

This advanced extensions will compress and combine your CSS and JavaScript into as few jookla as possible each. Had to remove manually from files and database.

To get to the configuration screen, click the name of the plugin in the list. Under the Content section you can create many pages. GPLv2 or later Type: