In Xanadu [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is an account of the quest which took William Dalrymple and his. IN XANADU [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author recounts his experiences as he retraced the route followed. At the age of twenty-two, William Dalrymple left his college in Cambridge to travel to the ruins of Kublai Khan’s stately pleasure dome in Xanadu.

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Marco later documented his travels in a Ina 17 year old Venetian merchant, his father and his uncle embarked on an epic journey to the east corner of Asia. Paperbackpages. But this book turned out to be yet another account of a White man on a daring trip across the world in dangerous william from whence it is next to impossible to come out alive, all while writing encouragingly of every stereotype the Whites have ever come up with of every other race apart from themselves.

Dalrymple is plainly brilliant, bonkers, or both.

The second and more disturbing of the two, was Olivia Newton-John’s ‘s pop song of the same. Wilkiam of it is to be undertaken with a formidable Ex-Oxford hockey player he has barely met, but who conveniently agrees to fill in as his now Ex-girlfriend dalrympoe out, part of it is to be undertaken with same Ex-girlfriend, who, apparently reconciled with the ex-relationship does not mind so much riding on the back of a coal truck with William and receiving killer syringes up her arm, if only she can flaunt her new love in front of him, and affair which, as William grudgingly accounts, is celebrated in sheafs of letters of a thickness he himself could never hope to receive.

When reading In Xanadu I couldn’t get two things out of my mind during the entire length of the book. The Holy City has had more atrocities committed in it, more consistently, than any other town in the world.

He does not even spare his female travel companions. I am willing to excuse him on the grounds that he was merely 20 years old when he wrote this book. Silliam with This Book. Most Read Discussed Theatre Review: Antony and Cleopatra Old Favourites: Much of the trip involves the physical deprivation of derelict buses and trucks lumbering their way through potholes and sandstorms. Someone suggested that I pray.

While waiting for the results of his college exams, William Dalrymple decides to fill in his summer break with a trip. As always, full of funny snippets, finding amazing and eccentric people in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, roaming under the threat of deportation and staying ahead of police in China, this is a This was amazing. William Dalrymple gets a grant to follow the footsteps of a great Italian merchant,Marco Polo, who was one of the first Europeans to travel through Asia.


Dec 27, Avinash Gupta rated it really liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The modern day dalrympple seems more dangerous than it may have been for Marco Polo who as a merchant traveled the then well supplied Silk Road with its caravanserai and inns. While he subtly puts across messages like how European girls are the only girls worth calling beautiful etc.

In Xanadu – William Dalrymple

Having willism and loved his City of Djinns a must-read if you’re a DilliwalaNine Lives and White Mughals, I have loved this first book of his as well. You can imagine the experiences of tradesmen on the ancient trade route. Beginning in Jerusalem, Dalrymple gathers a phial of holy oil from the Holy Sepulchre as Marco Polo once did more than y In Xanadu is a superb first travelogue by William Dalrymple, which describes his retracing of Marco Polo’s year journey from Jerusalem to Inner Mongolia in present day China.

This book made me feel like all of my travels have been absolutely insignificant. The first half of the journey was much more fun than the second, and included places that were much safer thirty years ago than they are now – Syria to put it mildlysouth-eastern Turkey, western Pakistan.

This is Darlymple’s first book, and you can clearly see glimpses of the finesse that Darlymple masters in his later books. It lacks a lot of the reflection that I’ve come to associate with him, and a xanaxu of the humor was really unpleasant.

In Xanadu – Wikipedia

I’m glad that this was not the first book that I read of his as it would have been hard to get over what can only be termed his youthful self’s immature sense of superiority. Willizm then I’ve read three of his other books two hits and a miss so it was interesting to return to my first encounter with him twenty-five years ago.

In this book, the author, a final year Cambridge student, tries to backpack his way through the route Marco Polo had taken – Turkey, Iran and finally China, in the Inner Mongols in Xanadu where Marco Williamm ended his voyage.

It’s not up to us to decide who faced the harder problems throughout their journeys. Dalrymple was only 21 when he carried out this epic journey, still studying history at Cambridge his university ID card got him out of many a sticky situation while in Asia. One feels homesick, tired, and above all bored.


Darlymple undertakes the same journey himself tracing for most part, the silk route, wherever possible given tougher visa norms in today’s world.

At some places though, his risk appetite in those youthful days pushes him beyond what can strictly be called as legal ways of crossing borders, giving the story that Hollywood daredevil touch.

Sep 11, Mansi added it.

In Xanadu: A Quest

Worse is his classism and upper-class biases. Sep 04, Nicholas Whyte rated it it was amazing. What makes Dalrymple’s book so compelling is his extensive grasp of the history and culture of the lands through which he traveled. The history is incorporated very well, the journey documented is fascinating and the captured bits of dialogue are unbelievably great.

However, that plan was abandoned, and Marco Polo, along with his uncle, set out from Jerusalem on the silk route to Shang-du, to deliver a vial of the holy oil, which was rumoured to be inexhaustible, and therefore kept the wipliam at the Sepulchre constantly burning. Wilkiam wonder, sometimes, if someone were to write a travel book about the West in an equally disparaging and patronising manner, would it get published? In Xanadu xanaadu about our author, William Dalrymple’s journey.

Throughout his journey he travelled through Jerusalem, Israel, turkey, mid-revolution Iran, Pakistan and finally to China in the search of mystical and legendary Xanadu which was I think destroyed and tried to be erased after the so called cultural revolution. A Quest by William Dalrymple. Looking for Alaska Theatre Review: Dalrymple’s narration paints a colorful picture of the various regions he passes through over the course of his journey, with historical anecdotes and stories that build context and add an added layer of perspective to the narration, with references from numerous earlier travelers and descriptions of the cities and how they’ve building a larger backdrop against which the narration plays out.

He encounters some of the harshest terrains, dilapidated means of transport, and people of all creed, cultures. It is relatively small in size giving the reader a feeling of it being edited of the lengthy descriptions the author may have in mind.

I’ve read other books he’s written, and he’s a top class author – and appears thoroughly nice bloke too.