Gry Garness liked a video 7 years ago. Gry Garness added to Favorites and liked 8 years ago From Gry Garness Beauty Retouching Techniques DVD. Gry Garness Retouching Video Tutorials. Welcome to the Gry Garness Photoshop Video Tutorials channel. You’ll find more than 18 hours of tightly edited. It is with sadness we report that Gry Garness, a retoucher and trainer many of our readers will be familiar with, lost her battle with lung cancer.

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You can either purchase a monthly subscription and get unrestricted access to the channel or rent tutorials individually. To get full details of a tutorial or to watch a trailer simply click the video thumbnail.

To find out more about the video channel or subscriptions check out the About the Retouching Video Tutorials page. Brush Work In Photoshop Retouching 1 hour. Retouching Pet Photography 29 min. Judging The Input 11 min. Color Managing Images 18 min. The Photoshop Layers Workflow 30 min. Apply Image Channel Blending 24 min.


Gry Garness Photo Retouching, Photoshop training & tutorials

Retouching Backgrounds 20 min. Preparing an Image for Output 44 min. Retouching Eyebrows 20 min. Adding Eyelashes on Close-ups 21 min. Mastering Pen Tool Paths in Photoshop 31 min. Effective Selections in Photoshop 30 min. Adobe Camera Raw Essentials 35 min.

Cinematic Style Treatment in Photoshop 52 min. Hair Masks Using Color Adjustments 30 min. Retouching Eyes 36 min.

Retouching Lips 22 min. Remodelling a Figure in Photoshop 29 min. Hair Retouching in Photoshop 30 min.


Color Adjustments in Photoshop 30 min. Selective Color Adjustment In Photoshop 32 min. Masking With Ease In Photoshop 23 min. Changing Hair Color In Photoshop 11 min. Using Gradient Map in Photoshop 10 min. Face Garmess 16 min.

Arm Hairs Quick Conceal 12 min. Making Hair Shine 11 min.

Skin Colors 7 min. Retouching Under Eye Bags 16 min.

Minimizing Pores 20 min. Reshaping Features In Photoshop 11 min. Pop The Highlights 8 min. Tool-free Selections In Photoshop 9 min.

  ISO 15745 PDF

Changing The Color Of Clothes 12 min. Delivering Image Files To Clients 8 min.