Giulio Regondi: Nocturne – Rêverie, Op This is an engraving made from the original facsimile. A bit cleaner and easier to read than the facsimile. Download. Regondi, Giulio, , “Rêverie: op. 19 / nocturne pour la guitarre composé par Giulio Regondi.,” WUSTL Digital Gateway Image Collections & Exhibitions. NOCTURNE “REVERIE” Op by Giulio Regondi () ******************* ************************************************************ 1st.

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Gulio must be a misprint somewhere in the group marked with X. It has the structure of a dominant-seventh chord, but it is neither spelled nor resolves as such. Again, I have only heard C and not C for that and the successive triads.

It can be an accidental missing or misplaced, a note misplaced, or a combination of them. There are a few points that support this: So perhaps what Regondi intended is:.


This is the version David Giulii plays and that is probably why it became the most popular one:. This version sounds nicely, but changes many things.

It also changes the notes of the second chord. Now let us go back to the original group.

A few points would support this option: Look at measure 88 in the first example. Have fun analyzing and experimenting with these and other alternatives, and let me know your thoughts! So perhaps what Regondi intended is: Though certainly left-hand-friendly, it is doubtful that Regondi intended such progression.

This is the version David Russell plays and that is probably why it became the most popular one: Or one with accidentals that resemble a bit more those in the original: Studio A lesson from Hindemith June 5, – 1: Online Lessons Study with Marco from the comfort of your home, anywhere giulil the world.

For more info, contact Marco here.