Real/full name: Giorgio Terenziani; Age: 38 (born Nov 11th, ). Place of origin : Italy (Fabbrico (Reggio nell’Emilia), Emilia-Romagna). Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Giorgio Terenziani // BassBay (@giorgioterenziani). Hello (Adele) // Vocal&Bass Rock Symphonic Cover. Me and Elektra Pianelli covering Adele’s Masterpiece Hello. Elektra Pianelli // Vocals. Giorgio Terenziani .

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I play with him since and we love to work and something fight together.

Tornate le persone fighe che eravate prima e rimboccatevi le maniche! Categories Celebrity Sports Dance.

Giorgio Terenziani presents Sniper Bass – Lightweight headless bass 3kg of raw power

I feel also deep influenced from other player like guitarists, singers, drummers… above all: Shooting and recording, make people love bass and play the best way they ever did Giorgio Terenziani Full Profile. I think we can start to record drums in October.

Taken from bassmorning series. This is my life Discovery Instagram media and find your social mate using the best Instagram Web Viewer. Live with arthemisofficial Pix by annalisarussophoto. Melody workout, melody 1st.

Giorgio “JT” Terenziani

Igorgio is the right Mood for today. What about me… I have already finish a new instructional for yiorgio 1st time also in English and I have finish a CD of Power Fusion with two wonderful musicians and friends. We are writing all alone in our studies, and I think we meet up to share ideas and start to write together in June then it will be time for Klod to write a quite definitive melodies and for us to arrange the songs. Arrangiamenti moderni, classici del rock, medley mai scontati.

  BS 6079-4 PDF

He plays smooth and powerful at the same time. This is my bestnine This Little IG community is growing and I’m amazed by your comments and the answerw to my polls. So many plans, ideas What are your personal Top 3 CDs at the moment? Recede in te ipse quantum potes; cum his versare qui te meliorem facturi sunt,illos admitte quos tu potes facere meliores.

You can follow us on Facebook or on our official website, band or personal, to be always update about: Congratulations, very good songs!

Viossy is the machine! Reactions were great, a lot of reviews, interviews and so on… we are a new band so we need to speak about ourself to be known.

I think the instrument could be limit because you do what you know you are not free. Why did you choose especially this song? We wish you and the band all the best! Do you sing too? We have to thank our label because they did an incredible job and support us in this 1st step.

For a drummer he his extremely melodic so he is a very important opinion when we need to choose some chorus or arrangement. It will be cool. What are the most important inspirations for you when you are writing songs? I love to think about how can be to break up some boundaries between different genres… There is also a marketing side when you are support band, it must be something useful for your band not just a sort of lucid dream.


Giorgio “JT” Terenziani – Bass Player

Thanks for your time. Ready for next gigs! Ma stare bene, almeno ogni tanto, no? My Christmas tree is ready How is yours?

Mutuo ista fiunt, et homines dum docent discunt. Who wrote the music and the lyrics — all band members in teamwork? Giorgio, first I would like to say thank you very much for this interview. This is Who I really am Do you see it as a good chance and as an inspiration for your music to get contact with your fans there and to read their opinions? We were deciding the set list terenziaani our 1st gig after the EP and we decided to play also a cover, so everyone of us try to arrange something distant from the rock metal world.

You ask for chords and right hand technique. Categories Travel Cars Food.

These are my tools to translate what I feel and what I think.