FUTURELIGHT es una marca registrada de Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH, Alemania. FUTURELIGHT RT . FUTURELIGHT SC scanner. FUTURELIGHT SCAN SC $ WATTS VOLTS SFC THREADED PIN BULB SHAPE HID (HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE). The SC is run with a HMI/MSI W lamp. A relay inside of the SC allows you to switch On and Off the lamp via itself control board on the top side or .

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It’s correct as far as we know but no guarantees. Please let us sc90 if you find an issue or have details of a new fixture. Call for more details if in doubt. Max colour gobo 57mm.

Pictures and images Futurelight SC – Audiofanzine

Metal ring for glass gobos D Standard Steel 26mm Glass 28mm. Static holder, use Beacon metal ring for Steel has tendency to overheat and fall out. We reccomend glass Please find the table below as a guide to which fixtures take which size gobos. Glue an 88mm disk to the 86mm glass holder. Looks like a Chinese copy of the MH Alpha Spot Alpha Profile sd980 wheel.


Alpha Spot Alpha Profile fixed wheel. Alpha Spot HPE rotating wheel. Image 23mm, 25mm hole. CFHE rotating gobo wheel. CFHE Static gobo wheel. Thick is fine, retaining clip. You can use larger image area but your image will deteriorate. See also Image Pro.

These guys like being different! MH same as servospot. Can take thicker gobos like mm we currently supply Can take thicker gobos like mm. MH8 60 Moving Head spot. MH we think, just like SC Can’t take thick gobos. Circlip feeds in from mirror side, 1. Cap screws gobo in so possibly max thickness is 3mm. Acrobat Moving Head. This is unconfirmed sizes as supplier won’t reply Clay Paky VIP copy.

Hole placed equally 60degrees on a Mac Krypton Mac Entour. Mac Mac Mac Krypton Mac. Metal in static wheel prior to April 1 was 23mm, now interchangeable at Metal Halide W Profile. B size holder glass ok. Uses holding rings for glass. E but 28mm Hole.

Acclaim Axial Zoomspot Pacific 1 deg Zoom. Pacific 20deg, 30deg, 40deg, 50deg 90deg.

UZIN Renoplan System (FAQs)

Glass might need holding ring to 49mm. Don’t use blackline holding ring it gets too thick.


Glass might need holding ring. May have a step in holder as steel 0. Some say B Some say A. Shark Italian Version wheel has 7 gobos with 2 dichroic slots. Shark Chinese Version wheel has 7 gobos no dichroic slots.

Live Pro static wheel. Live Pro rotating wheel. May also have a rotating gobo like the VL7. Static wheel uses trapetzoid holders. Rotating gobos uses VL holder has a 1. Special holder made by VL.

With flat side down on your desk the gobo is fitted with the reflective side up. Rotating gobos in VL holder. Details should be confirmed. VL Rotating indexable wheel. The gear part of th eholder is the part that faces the stage ie black side of gobo other side faces lamp. Glue black side to the square holder if using round glass. FX wheel is similar to a Technobeam use Special holder made by VL see fitting instructions.