Hence the name Fulminata, from the phrase Terra Fulminata or ‘earth armed with lightning’. As the author notes, while the Romans did not. Thyrsus Games. Year Published. Primary Name. Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning. Alternate Names. Fulminata: Armed with Lightning. The Legio duodecima Fulminata (“Thunderbolt Twelfth Legion”), also known as Paterna, Victrix, Antiqua, Certa Constans, and Galliena, was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. . in modern-day Slovakia, and an episode of a miraculous rain and lightning saving a Twelfth subunit from defeat is reported by the sources.

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The unit was still guarding the Euphrates River crossing near Melitene at the beginning of the 5th century. The legion’s emblem was a thunderbolt on a shield fulmen. In later centuries it came to be called commonly, but incorrectly, the Legio Fulminatrixthe Thundering Legion.

The Twelfth legion, as it is perhaps better known, fought in the Battle against the Nerviansand probably also in the Siege of Alesia. They also were the Lost Legion in Syria. Both legions were defeated by the Parthians and Armenians at the battle of Rhandeia ; after surrendering, fulmibata legions fulmminata shamed and removed from this theater of war.

This force was sent back by Gaius Cestius GallusLegate of Syriawhen he recognized the legion was too weak.


Flavius Vespasian in his successful bid for the imperial throne. An inscription presumably from this period has been found in modern-day Azerbaijan which reads:.

The legion was probably in Armenia during Trajan ‘s campaign of AD, that ended with the annexation of the Kingdom of Armenia. Emperor Marcus Aurelius commanded the XII Fulminata in his campaign against the Quadia people inhabiting an area in modern-day Slovakiaand an fulninata of a miraculous rain and lightning saving a Twelfth subunit from defeat is reported by the sources.

Inthe legion was in Melitene, when Avidius Cassius revolted; the Twelfth, having been loyal to the Emperor, obtained the cognomen Certa Constans”surely constant”. When the Eastern frontier of the Empire was moved from the Euphrates to the Tigristhe Twelfth stayed in the reserve, possibly as a punishment fulminaa its support of Severus’ rival. The region around Melitene was one of the first in which Christian faith spread. Polyeuctes is a martyr under Valerian who was a soldier of the Twelfth.

The Sassanid Empire was fulmonata major threat ilghtning the Roman power in the East. Emperor Valerian moved against Shapur, but was defeated and captured.

Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning: Michael S. Miller: : Books

The defeat caused the partial collapse of the Empire, with the secessionistic Gallic Empire in the West and Palmyrene Empire in the East. After these episodes, the records of the Fulminata are scarce. The Twelfth, which probably took part to these campaigns, is recorded guarding the frontier of the Euphrates in Melitene, at the beginning of the 5th century Notitia Dignitatum.


oightning Olympus reforming in Manhattan. The legion’s eagle standard had been found by the Twelfth Legion and subsequently lost again in Alaska during the s. He threatens using the Legion in bloody pacification of possible future Jewish rebellion, along with auxiliary Arab cavalry. The fiction book Rome: The Eagle of the Twelfth by M.

Scott is based on the legion during the Jewish rebellion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fvlminata: Armed With Lighting – Romans With Guns!

Roman—Parthian War of 58— Romans in Caucasian Albania. The Roman Empire and the Silk Routes: Minio-Paluello, Mika Updated paperback ed.

The Christian writer Tertullianon the other hand, armmed that the miracle of the rain was the result of the prayers of the soldiers, who were Christians. See Cassius Dio, Roman Historylxxii. Retrieved from ” https: Articles incorporating a citation from the Catholic Encyclopedia with Wikisource reference.

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