Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial ( E.T.) identity, a he made some astounding discoveries. Focusing on personal. Sep 1, Here to help humankind, they could be your doctor, teacher. or clergyman–but they are not human. Dr. Mandelker offers a forum to 25 E.T.s. Dr. Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, Ph.D. in East-West His first book , From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, has sold thousands of copies, and was.

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From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America by Scott Mandelker

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Return to Book Page. Preview — From Elsewhere by Scott Mandelker. Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial E.

Focusing on personal stories, Mandelker describes how childhood experiences, emotional traumas, and paranormal events led each subject from a life of confusion to one of clarity and self-validation. It is not easy to believe that you are an E Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans elsewhrre claim extraterrestrial E. It is not easy to believe that you are an E.

Hardcoverpages. Published May 1st by Citadel first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about From Elsewhereplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book is mandelkr yet featured on Listopia. Aug 18, Ira Therebel rated it did not like it Shelves: When I got this book what I found interesting was that the cover and some of the pages in the beginning promised a study on people who think that they are or are, ftom aliens and how it affects their life.

In the beginning the author actually promises that he won’t try to convince the readers of the fact that what these people think is for real. Unfortunately this promise isn’t kept.

How could he, apparently he is an ET as well He keeps on telling the readers that one should be open-minded When I got this book what I found interesting was that the cover and some of the pages in the beginning promised a study on people dlsewhere think that they are or are, whatever aliens and how it affects their life. How could he, apparently he is an ET as well He keeps on telling the readers that one should be open-minded, look at the world from a different perspective and blah, blah blah.

Yes, Just a lot of blah blah blah, some of which I want to address in my review. And yes, I finished the book, I hate stop reading books no matter how much pain it makes me go through. First of all, I am open-minded when it comes to this. I actually HOPE that there are aliens even though recent research said that there may be no intelligent life in the universe, but this kind of book doesn’t work on me, it actually makes me believe less.

What Scott Mandelker doesn’t seem to understand is that being open minded doesn’t mean to accept every crazy thing told to you, just because somebody is so sure about it.

Yes, people had to open their mind in order to accept some of the greatest discoveries that made a change in the world, but none of them came without a proof. Nobody for example elsewherw evolution just because Darwin said so. Actually the chapter on proof is painful. At some point he actually says that “Empirical proof is impossible because it would never be elsewheer.


From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America

Hmm, well, why don’t you try buddy? And then try again and again until you convince people with some solid facts vrom not just by telling us what some ex junkie thinks of himself? This is how people with other discoveries managed to get their ideas accepted. The answer is madelker you just don’t have any. In one thing I agree with the author: Reading this was just as frustrating as listening to some dimwit trying to say that creationism is at least on the same level frrom credibility as evolution if not even more likely.

Never elsewheree that there is no proof for it while enough for the other, one just “knows” it. It is also very surprising that something like this comes from someone who studied psychology. Well, mental problems are not necessarily visible, people who have them are not all necessarily running around with scissors and drooling.

Family and close friends of people who for example have schizophrenia often don’t realize it until something abnormal like for example telling everyone that they are an alien happens. Speaking of abnormal, again it surprised me to see that when he was talking about a research of some psychiatrist to see if there is mandelekr abnormal about the brains of people who claim to be ETs to explain their abnormal behavior, he actually said that he doesn’t like the word “abnormal”.

Abnormal doesn’t mean bad or good, it just means that it is out of norm. And even if one believes that these people are aliens, this fact makes them out of norm of the general Earth population.

He doesn’t seem to like that psychiatrists try to find some other explanations after the abnormality in the brain research didn’t bring the results they expected. This is how things are done, people look at different explanations and test them to eliminate explanations and find the right one.

If its impossible to prove an ET soul for him, he should at least be happy that the explanations he doesn’t like are tested and proven wrong. I guess the problem he has is that he likes this idea too much to even look at other possibilities. Which is amazing because in all those people he interviewed I saw a much better explanation. Sure none of them had the same kind of life but they all seemed to have had issues in life for which they would need something to help them cope with.

Abuse in childhood, near death experiences, drug addictions, some two roommates both realized they are ETs after attending one of those therapies how convenient and obviously they did have issues since they attended a therapy another guy found it out when he was told it, etc.

Honestly, I actually had an uncomfortable feeling when reading the questions to see if you are one of the ETs. It was obviously fishing for some people who are vulnerable because of feeling out of place in the society, trying to find themselves etc. Very much like cults and religions which are just cults with status do. I don’t think that the author had any ill intentions, he thinks he is one of the aliens.


Apparently the “break” the shrinks he saw in the past warned him about really did happen, and he is just spreading the word. The whole mission of the ETs seems to be stupid as well, they all talk about bringing truth and help us spiritually.

Again, very cult like. I wouldn’t care that there are people who really believe that they are ETs. Whatever helps them to cope with their issues, they can believe they are aliens, that they see Jesus or that they are butterflies, doesn’t matter.

Only this seems to actually cause more problem to them by drifting them from the society and their loved ones. I am sure that people who already believe that they are aliens will love this book. If you are just interested in aliens I am sure there are better books than this pseudoscience garbage that tries to act credible by having an author with a PhD and using the word “study” to address the interviews Sep 01, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book!

Rueckert was the channel. About million souls volunteered and are incarnate now. In this book the author, after explaining the origin and source of the term Wanderer goes about systematically interviewing over a dozen people who have self-identified as either Wanderers or Walk-Ins. Near the end of the book, the author also identifies himself as a Wanderer. Scott Mandelker has a P. He has recorded an entire study guide to the Law of One and it is available on his YouTube channel.

If you are someone who feels out of place in human society you might want to take the “Wanderer Quiz” Appendix 1. Dolores Cannon died has collected some of this same information from hundreds of her clients who have undergone regressive hypnotherapy.

Jul 09, Penny rated it it was ok.

This book is well researched, but the author does elsewhers a lot of information. I enjoyed reading the first few chapters, but after that it was not really worth reading.

Elseehere rated it liked it Mar 08, Adi rated it really liked it Jul 13, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Michael Smith rated it did not like it Jun 08, Dae rated it liked it Jan 19, Mikhael Brown rated it really liked it Sep 13, Tracey Jacob rated it really liked it Mamdelker 24, Tania rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Hours rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Ari Kopel rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Howard R Dowdell rated it it was ok Jul 02, Brudertaktiker rated it it was amazing Mar 18, John Ludi rated it elseahere liked elsewhefe Feb 06, Yshatar Xzatara rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Melanie Wolfe rated it it was amazing Jan 09, J rated it really liked it May 17, Annie Wehrli rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Moonstar83 rated it liked it Nov 18, Michael Miley rated it it was ok May 07, Sedivy rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Sarahndipity rated it it was amazing Feb 17,