Flight of the Dragon Kyn by Susan Fletcher – “You must go to the dragon. You must leave tonight.”Before she even hears the words, Kaeldra already knows she . I will admit I was a little apprehensive about Flight of the Dragon Kyn. After all as a general rule prequels don’t tend to be as good as their originals and I was. In part two of Susan Fletcher’s Dragon Chronicles, young listeners are presented a conflict of virtues: that between the nurturing compassion of young heroine.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. There is a story about Kara and dragons. When she was four, she came down with vermillion fever. Her parents, thinking there was no cure, left her in a cave to die.

A month later she walked back into her parents’ home as healthy as if she had never been sick. It is said that a mother dragon lived in that cave, and she nursed young Kara back to life. Paperbackpages. Published November 1st by Aladdin first published October 31st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Flight Of The Dragon Kyn

To ask other readers questions about Flight of the Dragon Kynplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Kjn of the Dragon Kyn. Lists with This Book. Sep 21, Heather McAlister rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book depressed the hell out of me as a kid. I couldn’t really enjoy it because I couldn’t like the main character, Kara.

She’s hired by a cruel king to use her ability to mentally summon birds in order to summon a dragon so he can kill it. I can’t remember whether he forcibly summoned her, but when she stands before him at court she decides to pretend ths doesn’t have the gift. At least one person guffaws at her mocking her supposed gift, which causes others to doubt her, which gives her an This book depressed the teh out of me as a kid. At least xragon person guffaws at her mocking her supposed gift, which causes others to doubt her, which gives her an out.

She could then just pretend to not be able to do it an would be off the hook, but because some smug jerk wounded her pride she mentally summons a whole flock of birds to to herself so she can smirk at the non-believer. As a result, she’s drafted into summoning the dragon. She then stands before a canyon and tries to mentally summon a dragon for the king, but eventually realizes dragons are more intelligent than birds, and thus they don’t respond to being called “dragon,” but must be summoned by name.

She wracks her brain to remember the name of the dragon that nursed her back to health with rdagon milk when her parents abandoned her in a cave as a little kid, which gave her this gift in the first place.


When she finally remembers the name of the dragon, she summons her. The dragon appears fligyt her, the little human girl she had nursed as a baby; and the king’s men killed her. I couldn’t root for her or care what happened to her after that. At thhe point I fligth she falls into a mountain cave, and finds herself in a den of dragons that all understandably hate her and refuse to forgive her for having Flaga killed.

Flight of the Dragon Kyn (Dragon Chronicles, book 2) by Susan Fletcher

Since it’s Kara’s POV, we’re supposed to sympathize with her and her guilt and her desire to make things right. I know most characters are supposed to be “flawed,” and “make mistakes,” and “suffer consequences.

But her utter stupidity in giving away the fact that she can summon birds to the king when he tries to draft her to help him kill a dragon JUST because someone wounded her pride, and then knowingly summoning the dragon that saved her life as a little kid when she KNOWS the king’s men are standing right there ready to kill her I don’t care for or sympathize with her in the least. I know she winds up saving the dragons at the end, and one of them at least comes around to her after she uses her hands to remove an arrow that pierces himbut I just can’t care.

This book is not for me. If you like protagonists who aren’t utter morons who get their early childhood rescuers killed, this isn’t the book for you. If you don’t mind that, knock yourself out.

Jul 08, Carol Riggs rated it it was amazing Dargon It tells the story of Kara, who has green eyes and can mind-speak with birds and dragons alike. She too struggles to save dragons from the cruelness of humans, drayon are bent on destroying these magnificent creatures who have a right to live.

A wonderful, exciting book! May 22, cookiemonger rated it really liked it Shelves: Since I was only lukewarm about the first book, I was a little hesitant to read this one, but I had it right in front of me and I had the time in flivht of me as well, so I just dove in. So glad I did! This book was not only better written by an order of magnitude, it was also more my cup of tea.

In the first book, Kara the dragon-sayer is introduced as a sort of figure of legend. So it was interesting to see her as she was viewed by both sides of the dtagon. Kara contracted vermilion fever and was left in a cave, presumed dead.

She returned mysteriously a month later, healed but with green eyes and a blossom mark that came to be known as a sign that a person had survived vermilion fever. She also came away with the ability to communicate with oc summon birds, called kenning. Much more important to the king than a bunch of living creatures. Using Kara is her scheme. She makes the first impressive effort flighy tame a large bird called a gyrfalcon, and the king gives it to her as a gift.

The kind of gift with strings attached. The shift to first person and the use of much more tue language made this book a joy to read in comparison to whatever was going on with the awkward stilted voice in the first book. But overall, this is a great book, and it was nice to see such an improvement. This one is my favourite in the series.


Jun 28, Lf rated it really liked it Shelves: This one was better than the first one. It’s a prequel sequel, but this one focused on the previous dragon girl. Kara is a very special dragon girl, she can command birds. My favorite part about this short book was the learning of falconry.

It’s not a subject that comes up regularly in other books so I actually got to learn something new by reading iyn one. Four out of five stars to The Flight of the Dragon Kyn.

Dec 07, Quinn rated it it was ok Shelves: It felt like this took so long to read. Katie rated it really liked it Feb 08, Feb 23, Anita rated it really liked it.

Flight of the Dragon Kyn, by Susan Fletcher (1993) E

I enjoyed this story very much. The events in this book actually happen before Dragon Milk book 1. Fletcher did not let me down! This book held my attention even more than Dragon’s Milk.

Susan Fletcher strings her tale so masterfully! I was so ddagon that Ms. Fletcher was once more able to create such a strong heroine that is so relatable. She is strong in her own way and continues to make her own path throughout the book. Kara can summon birds, so King Orrik assumes draton she can also summon dragons seeing as birds and dragons are akin. Kara does not believe she can, but she is basically forced to leave her home where she was a misfit and leave with a entourage of warriors to see the king at the castle where she ghe also a misfit.

Kara finds friends in Rath, Myrra and Corwyn. Throughout the book, we are witness to the strong ties that Fletcher has developed between these characters.

Besides her previously listed friends, Kara also has Skava, her gyrfalcon. Skava and Kara take care of each other and their friendship is so deep, I almost forgot that Skava is only a falcon. And of course, who can forget Kazan? He often offers to help her carry her belongings, which results in ridicule and jests from the older men. Throughout the story, the bond between Kara and Kazan really strengthens with each passing chapter.

I always found myself wondering: This book left me responding out loud.

I really loved this book and after finishing it, I wanted to go right back to the beginning and start it all over again. This is one of my future re-reads, I just know it. Feb 18, Tushmit rated it really liked it Shelves: While clearly intended for a YA audience, there is something very non-YA about this books and the others in the series.

I hesitate to say adult, because I equate adult books with “harshness”. I can’t seem to think of any adult books that don’t deal with harshness of life or don’t take a harsh look at its characters or human nature in general.