Thank you very much for purchasing FANTEC FHDL. We hope you will The FANTEC FHDL design and manufacture has your safety in mind. In order to safely. FANTEC MM-HDRTV. Media Recorder & DVB-T. Download. Revision 6 BETA. Firmware Revision 6 BETA. You can examine Fantec MM-HDRTV Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Fantec MM-HDRTV. Besides, it’s possible to.

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Hello, wait a minute, i think we have a little missunderstanding now. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Dies kann einige Minuten dauern. You can use time shift for 4 hours at. What do you advise me to do?

FANTEC MM-HDRL Media Recorder / Player (SALE12010401)

fajtec The player can only write on the fat32 partition. Page 68 Domain und Host Name einzustellen. But you can copy the files on your multimedia partition every time. I dont speak German. I have gb movies stored in my hdd2 partition My problem started when i connected an other hdd Gb on the fantec on pc with fantdc just to check the hdd is working. Page If the test is ok, the network information will be displayed.

fantec mm-hdrl does not start

Every time I connect the fantec on pc I will get this damage? Then it turns off red light. Now there are at the fat section 2 more partition with no letter, and at the ntfs section 2 more with no letter. The problem is, you cannot restore the partition status without a new initial. Frequently Asked Questions due to low battery power while reading or writing to your computer by the USB connection.


Infrastructure AP Infrastructure mode is used to connect computers with wireless network adapters, also known as wireless clients, to an existing wired network with the help from wireless router or access point. Domain und Host Name einzustellen. Thanks for your m-mhdrtv.

It has a 1T hdd. I told you that to understand it because many People are wondering if they will see it. I don’t want to loose my m,-hdrtv on the Hdd2 partition.

Alphaquelle – Oct 1st3: One of this partitions could be faulty. Press to mute audio output, and press again to resume. Bedienunbsanleitung I connected the fantec on TV. And the copy will start. DC IN jack Windows and Macintosh often write extra files to the hard disk such as finder.

That is what i mean, not more. Than you have to clean the hdd. Indeed the player is only able to read data from the NTFS partition. How does it happens, i cannot reanswer. Press to start recording the current TV program.


Fat32 and a NTFS partition. If you want to share the recorded titles on your computer, please copy the titles from the recording disc to the multimedia disc which is in FAT32 format first.

The actual contents in the package might be different from the packing list in this manual. Page 45 Helligkeit einzustellen. Playing Back Titles 1. The higher the quality, the more space required on the hard drive. Password Press the Numeric buttons to input and change the password.

Standby-Modus schalten und wieder aufwecken. It starts with “fantec” logo on the screen. Wenn das Bild im Vollbildmodus angezeigt wird, startet automatisch eine Slide Show. Restore Default Select to restore factory defaults.

Bearbeiten Eines Aufzeichnungstermins Aufzeichnungstermin so wie in Kapitel 6. Please note that you can not bedienungsamleitung on the record and time shift partition directly via USB. Then you can view, and edit the files stored on the hard disk installed on the player. Watching Analog Tv Programs Press to input channel numbers.

Four zoom levels are available. Here lists all recorded titles.