For all that time, I believed Santino Hassell aka Sonny existed. PAPERBACK: Only available for Evenfall Director’s Cut Volume 1, Volume 2 (password for both . In the Company of Shadows, original slash fiction by Sonny & Ais, with imperfect characters searching Director’s Cut Evenfall Volume 1 and 2 are both available ! You can also find him at his Goodreads author page under Santino Hassell. Years after the bombs of WWIII have changed the physical and political landscape, the Agency ruthlessly works behind the scenes to take.

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Fuck the line up. Now, I have to stop there otherwise there will be nothing left for you all to read. Drawn in and doubly-excited because the series was being offered to the general public as a Free Read, I downloaded all four e-books and disappeared from the real world for 10 evengall.

Anxious to see where this story will go. I have c Only for Ais Leaving him scarred for life.

Guest Review: In the Company of Shadows series by Sonny Hassel and Ais Nym

Find more about that book and his future solo projects many slash at santinohassell. Newer Post Older Post Home.

There were also scenes that were very unrealistic. View all 41 comments. But,to be very frank,I am giving it 5 sonn any book which can capture my attention,engross me,suck me in like this one did,deserves a 5 star rating from me. And, with less remorse. The chemistry between them is fantastic.

Evenfall Quotes

And when they almost did, the stupid authors would just crash the little harmony these two created. What exactly is wrong with Ryan? And thank you for sharing it with us for free. I mean, every author needs an editor. Hallelujah,I finished it after hours and hours of voracious reading.


The perfect proportion of everything in this story is astonishing. One is for the list of people I evenfaol and the second it for the list of people I like and I feel at the end of this book can be trusted. He made me imagine him as a very cute, but somehow broken man.

And this time when the need arises, he is put back in the field with a new partner.

Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1) by Ais

Hsin Liu Vega, aka Sin Hsin aka Sin, has been a trained assassin for the agency since the tender age of 8. He is the best at what ecenfall does, however he is also mentally unstable and kills at the drop of a hat. My email was a love letter disguised as fan mail. Boyd Beaulieu, is the introverted son of one of the top officials in The Agency and is recommended for the job.

Because I know you are still alive, guapo! We are thrown into a world after WWIII where fighting, bombs, and radiation fallout cause the powers-that-be to clash and fight over control, secrets, technology, and more. View all 15 comments. This book is very very long. Sheena readingvixen l Goodreads. Ais and Santino Hassell’s writing is even more interesting.

I wanted to highlight something on every single page. But since Boyd hassell have anything left to lose, he accepted the role. View all 37 comments. This is where we meet Boyd Beaulieu. The General piqued my curiosity at first sight. He wanted Sin to be just like him but without any of his weaknesses, leading to a very harsh and abusive childhood. That part was suspenseful, exciting and thrilling. Sin seemed to consider that for a moment.


I will not support gaslighting, bullying, lying, ethically immoral people. Doing anything that it deems necessary using whatever means it has available. I am more into character interaction than anything, but the way Sonny and Ais described their world and weaved the tale together, I hassel myself wanting to be in the story itself, despite its inherent darkness.

His job is to be Sin’s back-up. In comes Boyd as Sin’s new partner. They flirt and they tease. NO ONE gets to me that fast evenfakl fiction or life.

Guest Review: In the Company of Shadows series by Sonny Hassel and Ais Nym

hasell Taught to kill and trust no one. Characters mentioned in Book 1 and later make an appearance in Book 2 I remember clearly because of how Sonny and Ais set them up.

Boyd’s mother is the second in command. As I said, I liked the story and the characters so I really feel like this book could gain a lot from some strong, very strong editing.

If you are one of those who haven’t read this amazing series yet, you are as lucky as I am and you can start right now.

A hard to explain energy and vibe that jumped off the page. Anyway, we start our story with Boyd, who is described as being young only 18man-pretty with long blonde hair, androgynous looks, and thin. Mar 04, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: