Many translated example sentences containing “lípidos y lipoproteínas” – English -Spanish dictionary and de un examen de electroforesis de lipoproteínas. Many translated example sentences containing “electroforesis de proteínas” lipoproteínas es un tipo de electroforesis de proteínas que se determina [ ]. This Pin was discovered by María del Rocío Vargas. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Multifractionation of proteins Radialimmunodiffusion Electroimmunodiffusion. Clin, Medicine and Biology 70 5May, 10 Medicine and Biology 71 3Sept. Acta, 12; A Lopez Borrasca, P. Medarde Applicacion de acetato de celulosa al estudio de las proteinas plasmaticas. Heer Determinacion del intervalo o rango de los valores de las fracciones seroproteicas separada por electroforesis sobre acetato de celulosa gelatinizado. Rouxocefala, 3 Heer and Silvia Hajos The importance of rlectroforesis analyses ilpoproteinas the differential diagnosis of microglobuIinemic myelomas.


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Term Bank – electroforesis – Spanish English Dictionary

Use of immunoglobulin heavy-chain and light-chain measurements in a multicenter trial to investigate monoclonal components: Occurrence of monoclonal components in general practice: Chin and David H.

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Coustenoble Microelectrophoresis des Glycoproteins seriques sur acetate de Cellulose gelatineux. Introzzi Determinazione elettroforetica delle glicoproteine seriche su Cellogel. Il Pensiero Scientifico, Roma, Brancaccio Multifrazionamento elettroforetico di proteine urinarie non concentrate.

electroforesis de lipoproteínas – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

IV,electrofresis Stangalini Prime osservazioni sul comportamento delle proteinurie nei traumatizzati cranici. Stangalini Valore delle proteinurie patologiche nella diagnosi precoce delle complicanze renali in neurochirurgia. De Negri Escrezione di alpha-glucosidasi nelle urine e quadro elettroforetico delle proteine urinarie. La Ricerca, N. Alessandrino II metodo del multifrazionamento proteico su urine non concentrate come contributo diagnostico in medicina del lavoro nucleare.

La Medicina del Lavoro, 63, N. Gold staining in cellulose acetate membranes. Rajamaki Simple immunofixation modification: Lipoprotelnas W, Ziegler C.

Cotta Ramusino Determinazione del fenobarbitale in sciroppi previa separazione elettroforetica su striscia. Thorburn-Burns Cellulose acetate electrophoresis; the use of discontinuos buffer systems for proteins separations. Acta, 31, Stretton Electrophoretic heterogeneity of cristalline insulin: