EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY . completion of the CSU GE or IGETC pattern (including Oral. Communication). Once the. EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE. ID Number: (IGETC) Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Certification Request Form. The IGETC is a. Completion of IGETC is not recommended for certain science or engineering majors. For more information schedule an.

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To enroll, students must be a high school graduate or recipient of a Certificate of Proficiency from the State Board of Education students currently enrolled in grades K need igtec contact the admissions office for further information. Transfer is the process of completing the required general education and lower division major coursework at ELAC in order to apply for a four year college or university as a junior.

Completion of general education and major preparation is highly recommended. We encourage you to visit campuses and take tours offered by the? Transfer Center in order to make a choice that suits you. For more information schedule an appointment ibetc meet with a counselor. Transfer Admission Guarantee gives ELAC students who meet basic transfer requirements a written guarantee of admission to selected colleges and universities.


Students who complete the agreed upon sequence of classes in general education and a selected major with a stated minimum GPA can apply to the four-year institution within a prescribed time-frame and be “Guaranteed Admission. Units required for private colleges may vary. Certification guarantees that no additional lower division general education coursework will be required after transfer. Follow instructions below, include only transferable coursework and if you have any further questions, see a counselor.

Numerous courses transfer to ELAC.

If you want to know if specific courses transfer to a university or college you need to meet with an ELAC Counselor. You will have provided false information, and could potentially have your admission or degree revoked.

In most cases, W’s are not a focus of admission decisions unless there is an excessive number of W’s over a longer course of time. California has two public university systems.

East Los Angeles College

The UC system emphasizes a theory based approach to learning, and offers Doctorate programs in most disciplines, along with graduate opportunities. The CSU offers traditional can career specific majors, with graduate opportunities at the Master’s level. Most private schools will accept transfer students using high school grades and test scores if they wish to transfer before completing 30 semester units. How can I prepare to transfer to a four year university?


When do I apply for transfer? Which University is best for me? How do I find out what my major preparation transfer requirements are? How can I meet with a university representative?

What are transfer agreements TAG? How many units do I need to transfer? How do I calculate my transfer grade point average?

Which PCC Courses will Transfer? – Transfer Center – Pasadena City College

Do I need an Associate of Arts degree to transfer? Do these course transfer to ELAC?

I leac bad grades at another college. Do I have report that information when I apply for transfer? What happens if I don’t report all previous institutions that I have attended? How will “W’s” affect my ability to transfer?

What is the difference between a UC and Cal State? Will my high school grades and SAT scores count when I transfer? Transfer Committee Transfer Committee Bylaws.