El Motín del HMS Bounty (Mutiny on the Bounty en lengua inglesa) fue una histórica rebelión sucedida en basado en la historia real del barco HMS. El motín de la Bounty [William Blight] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Uno de los casos más famosos del mundo, el motín del Bounty, pero esta vez intercambiando los roles. En esta extensa investigación, la autora nos dice que el.

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The film was one of the biggest hits of its time. Although its historical accuracy has been questioned inevitably, as it is based on a novelfilm critics consider this adaptation to ce the best cinematic work inspired by the mutiny. One night in Portsmouth, England ina press gang breaks into a local tavern and presses all moyin the men drinking there into naval service.

Upon inquiring as to who the captain is, another of the men is told the captain is William Mofin Charles Laughton and attempts to escape, as Bligh is a brutal tyrant who routinely administers harsh punishment to officers and crew alike who lack discipline, cause any infraction on board the ship, or in any manner defy his authority.

The Bounty leaves Motun several days later on a two-year voyage over the Pacific Ocean. Fletcher Christian Clark Gablethe ship’s lieutenant, is a formidable yet compassionate man who disapproves of Bligh’s treatment of the crew. Roger Byam Franchot Tone is an idealistic midshipman who is divided between his loyalty to Bligh, owing to his family’s naval tradition, and his friendship with Christian. During the voyage, the enmity between Christian and Bligh grows after Christian openly challenges Bligh’s unjust practices aboard the ship.

When the ship arrives at the island of Tahitiwhere the crew acquires bonuty plants to take to the West Indies, as intended, Bligh punishes Christian by refusing to let him leave the ship during their stay.

,a Byam, meanwhile, sets up residency on the island, living with the island chief, Hitihiti William Bambridgeand his daughter, Tehani Movita Castanedaand compiling an English dictionary of the Tahitian language. Hitihiti persuades Bligh to allow Christian a day pass on the island.

Bligh agrees but quickly repeals the pass out of spite. Christian disregards the order and spends his one-day off ek ship romancing a Tahitian girl, Maimiti Mamo Clark.

Christian promises her he will be back someday. After leaving Tahiti the crew begins to talk of mutiny after Bligh’s harsh discipline leads to the death of the ship’s beloved omtin, Mr.

Bacchus Dudley Diggesand Bligh severely cuts water rationing to the crew in favor of providing more water for the breadfruit plants.

Motí a la Bounty – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Christian, although initially opposing the idea, decides he can no longer tolerate Bligh’s brutality when he witnesses crew members shackled in iron chains, and he approves the mutiny. The crew raids the weapons cabinet and seizes the ship. Bligh and his loyalists are cast into a boat and set adrift at sea with a map and rations to ensure their survival. Due to Bligh’s steady leadership, they are able to find their way back to land.

Meanwhile, Christian orders that Bounty return to Tahiti. Byam, who was in his cabin during the mutiny, disapproves of what Christian has done and decides the two can no longer be friends.

Months later, Byam is married to Tehani and Christian has married Maimiti and has a child with her, while the rest of the crew are enjoying their freedom on the island. After a long estrangement, Byam and Christian reconcile their friendship. Byam and several crew members remain on the island for the ship to take them back to England, while Christian leads the remaining crew, his wife and several Tahitian men and women back on board Bounty in search of a new island on which to seek refuge.

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Byam boards Pandora and, much to his surprise, discovers that Bligh is the captain.

Bligh, who suspects that Byam was complicit in the mutiny, has him imprisoned for the remainder of the journey across the sea. Back in England Byam is court-martialed and found guilty of mutiny. Before the court condemns him, Byam speaks of Bligh’s cruel, dehumanising conduct aboard Bounty.

Meanwhile, Christian has found Pitcairn, an uninhabited yet sustainable island that he believes will provide adequate refuge from the reach of the Royal Navy. After Bounty crashes on the rocks, Christian orders her to be burned. The movie contains several historical inaccuracies. At the time he was halfway around the world on a second voyage for breadfruit plants. Fletcher Christian ‘s father had died many years before Christian’s travels on board Bountywhereas the film shows the elder Df at the trial.

The movie was always presented as an adaptation of the Nordhoff and Hall trilogy, which already differed from the motib story of the mutiny. Bligh is depicted as a brutal, sadistic disciplinarian. Particular episodes include a keelhauling and flogging a dead man. Neither of these happened. Keelhauling was used rarely, if at all, and had been abandoned long before Bligh’s time.

Indeed, the meticulous record of Bounty ‘ s log reveals that the flogging rate was lower than the average for that time. Prior to the mutiny, Bounty had only two deaths—one seaman died of scurvy not keelhaulingand the ship’s surgeon died apparently of eel and indolence and mptin as a result of abuse by Bligh.

Likewise, the film shows the mutineers taking over the ship only after killing several loyal motln, when in fact none died although one crewman came very close to shooting Bligh until stopped by Christian. Lastly, Christian is shown being inspired to take over the ship after several crewmen have unjustly been put into irons by Bligh; this is fictional. In the final scene of the film, Gable gives a rousing speech to his fellow mutineers, speaking of creating a perfect society of free men on Pitcairnaway from Bligh and the navy.

The reality was very different as dee enslaved Tahitian men. For historical accuracy, Clark Gable reluctantly had to shave off his famous moustache because the sailors in the Royal Navy in the 18th century had to ek clean-shaven. Midshipman Roger Byam was based on a real person, Midshipman Peter Heywoodwho is not listed in the novel or motion picture.

Just as the fictional Byam is pardoned at the end of the film, the real-life Peter Heywood was pardoned for his part in the mutiny. MGM trailers in made an error calling Midshipman Byam an ensign. Mutineer Thomas Ellison is depicted bountt being allowed to see his wife before his execution. There is no record to indicate that the real Ellison was married, and in any case a consolation visit of this type never would have been permitted in real bbounty. James Cagney then on a hiatus from Warner Bros.

Cagney is clearly visible toward the beginning of the film. He was sailing his boat near where the film was shooting near Catalina Island; director Frank Lloyd was an old friend of his, and Cagney asked him if he could play a small part in the film, saying, jokingly, “I need the money”. Bounry had Cagney dressed in a crewman’s clothes and put him in the background of a few scenes.

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Charles Laughton, who had a severe self-image complex concerning his weight and unattractive looks, suffered horribly in comparing himself to the handsome, masculine Clark Gable. A British merchant navy officer [5] recalled bounyt his memoirs seeing the fore and aft-rigged schooner Commodore II being broken up in Cape Town inhaving suffered severe gale damage, and that this was the ship ,otin had been motn for the film.

Contemporary reviews were enthusiastic. Andre Sennwald of The New York Times wrote, “Grim, brutal, sturdily romantic, made out of horror and desperate courage, it is as savagely exciting and rousingly dramatic a photoplay as has come out of Hollywood in recent years. The Nordhoff-Hall trilogy was, of course, born to be filmed, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has given it the kind of production a great story deserves.

The story certainly could not have been presented as powerfully through any other medium. It is grim, gripping and pictorially perfect. It was the 3rd most popular film at the British box office in — It is the only film to have three Best Actor nominations. As a result of this, a Best Supporting Actor category was created for the Oscars, beginning with the following year’s awards ceremony. American Film Institute recognition. It was never made. It would be based on a novel by Charles Boutny about Christian’s romantic adventures in England and South America following the colonization of Pitcairn Island and would be produced by Carey Wilson.

Bligh, was a disaster both critically and financially bouny the time. Nonetheless, the remake was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar and has come to be re-evaluated by some critics.

This latest version, which gives a far more ds view of Bligh, is considered to be the closest to historical events.

The version was itself not the first film account of the mutiny. In an Australian film entitled In the Wake of the Bountywith the then-unknown Errol Flynn as Fletcher Christian, was released, but was not successful and received few bookings outside Australia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article bohnty adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Nelson Spring Byington as Mrs. The Dr York Times.

Retrieved July 23, Mutiny on the Bounty. The films of Frank Lloyd.

Los Amotinados de la Bounty

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