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And this is why the lover is in affliction all the time. The beloved told the lover to praise him and excuse him in those places where it was most dreadful to praise him.

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Plorava l’amic e deia: But love excused herself and said she was not against free will, because she wished great merit and glory for her lovers. And love told him she had come to him to train and feed him in such a way that, at his death, he could defeat his mortal enemies. The lover ran across his beloved: The lover cried and was sad to see the infidels lose their beloved in their ignorance; and he rejoiced in the llfnguatge of his beloved, who tormented those who knew him and were disobedient to him.

You will tell my beloved that I am enduring trouble and hardship for his love. E l’amat esguarda’s son amic, qui ha per sa amor totes aquestes tribulacions.

Demanaren al foll per quals senyals era conegut son amat. The beloved pleaded to his lover not to forget him. Demanaren a l’amic amor en qual era major: And it was wondered which one love is closest to: The lover said to his beloved: The beloved said in reply: The lover was in a strange land, and he llengutage his beloved, and he yearned for his lord and for his wife and infants and his friends.

The bird gave the new thought to the lover, and the lover gave two to the bird, so that his anguish would be alleviated; and the lover felt his pain being multiplied. The lover was thoughtful and puzzled over how his hardship could originate in the majesty of his beloved, who possesses so much bliss in his own self. While the lover remembered his beloved, the lions humbly approached the lover, and they leaked the tears from his crying eyes, and they kissed his hands and feet.


The lover asked his beloved which one florss the greatest, love or the act of loving. He replied it is the absence of his beloved. Anguished and tearful, the lover went in search of his beloved through sensuous paths and intellectual routes.

He replied that, llrnguatge in his beloved, difference was greater in ve, and concordance in unity, but in his beloved they are equal in difference and unity. A dispute occurred between the eyes and the llegnuatge of the lover, for the eyes said it was better to see the beloved than to remember him, and the memory said that through remembrance the water rises to the eyes and the heart swells with love.

Do cry out, do fast! Love is the boiling of llenguarge and awe through fervor; and love is the final will to desire his beloved. And it is questioned in which of the two the beloved was most strongly humbled down to the lover.

One day, the lover was in prayer and he felt his eyes were not crying; and to be able to cry, he sent out his thoughts to think about money, women, children, food, llehguatge vanity; and he found in his understanding that each of these things have more people as their servants than his beloved does.

The beloved judged, the lover cried. He replied, and said that knowledge cannot be gained from one without the other. Many people were with the lover, who was complaining of his llenguagte that he did not make his love grow; and he complained about love giving him hardship and pain.

And how longer for the water, which customarily moves downward, to have the nature to move upward?

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Add this book to a list You can add this book to any one of your lists. The lover was tempted by love with his wisdom, and was asked if the beloved was loving him the most by taking his nature, or by recreating him.

The lover rejoiced in the existence of his beloved because through his being all beings are realised, and sustained, and bound, and subdued to honor and to serve the being of their beloved, who cannot be pleased, blamed, lessened or grown by any other being.


Dormia l’amic considerant en los treballs e els empatxaments los quals ha en servir son amat, e hac paor que ses obres no perissen per aquells empatxaments.

To which the beloved answered: Fault and worth were struggling in the conscience and will of the lover; and justice and remembrance multiplied conscience; and mercy and hopefulness multiplied prosperity in the will of the beloved.

And thereby, the lover experiences in every way for his beloved friendship and hardship, and suffering and pleasure and consolation. He answered that had he not had mercy, he would not have enamoured the lover, neither would he have tormented him with sighs, weeping, hardship, and sorrows. I am in your virtue, and I come with your virtue, whereby I obtain virtue. Encontraren-se l’amic e l’amat, e dix l’amic: And he said the beloved is seen in love, and the lover is seen in sorrow, in weeping, in hardship and pain.

The lover came to that gathering; the beloved told him: The lover was asked what the darkest gloom is.

The lover saw the secrets of his beloved by diversity, concordance, which revealed to him plurality, unity in his beloved, for the greater suitability of essence without conflict. He said it is about understanding and loving his beloved. He answered that love was born of remembrance, lived out of intelligence, and died by oblivion. The lover was in danger in the great sea of love, and he trusted his beloved, who came to his rescue with tribulations, thoughts, tears lees plants, sighs and sorrows, since the sea was one of love and of honoring his principles.

Encontraren-se dos amics; la un mostrava lee amat, e l’altre l’entenia. The lover praised his beloved, and he said he had transcended the wheresince he was where the where cannot reach. Malalte fo l’amic, e pensava’n l’amat: Llenguate like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? The lover’s bed was between trouble and pleasure: The lover was asked what well-being was about.

Words were forbidden to the lover by his beloved, and the lover found solace in watching his beloved.