Setiap langkah pada sistem pertanian-pangan harus dihargai. . Memasukan elemen-elemen ekoefisiensi seperti minimalisasi pelepasan limbah beracun ke. Pengukuran Tingkat Eko-efisiensi Menggunakan Life Cycle Assessment untuk Menciptakan Sustainable Production di Usaha Institut Pertanian Bogor., Bogor. ANALISA THERMOGRAVIMETRY PADA PIROLISIS LIMBAH PERTANIAN Hasil penelitian menunjukkan, bentuk eko-efisiensi yang dilakukan industri.

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Coastal ekoefislensi marine problems were collected from the coastal community in area of the Municipality of Balikpapan East Kalimantan Provincefrom fishermen, NGO’s and government officials.

The technique used was that of the Field Participatory Workshop’s. The local government’s failure to solve those problems was mainly due to lack of social awarenees for environmental coastal man Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to provide an ekkoefisiensi of the development of community forests in South Kalimantan and information about the properties and benefits of community forest timber, the hopes community forests timber can be developed into a source of raw materials of natural forest wood substitute that can support the development of the wood processing industry in South Kalimantan.

The result showed that Community forest proved to be very useful both for the owner, the community and the environment as well as for the government especially in order to meet the timber supply for local.

Until the year the community forest area that ekosfisiensi developed by the government in South Kalimantan has reached 2, ha, and the most widely are the Tanah Laut district covering ha. The wood species that developed is sengon, jati, mahoni, karet, petai, akasia, galam, kemiri. The properties of the wood need to be understood and known before the relevant timber used both as a building material or as raw material for the industry, because these properties are basically determining the quality of wood products that will be produced.

Land use changes and plantation crop development in selected provinces in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Most institutions stated that biofuel will not qualify the standard of GHG emission reduction if it was produced in the plantation associated with the forest conversion.

Therefore, knowing previous land use before the development of plantation is very important. In Indonesia, plantation development occurs mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan. A number of studies had been published showing historical LUCC before plantation development. The analysis and comparison was based on the different source of historical data including online spatial data sources and various studies published in various journals.

Each data source of LUCC shows significant variation on the amount of plantation developed directly from forest and other land use types. But, our review showed that the plantation areas associated with the forest cover changes far less than those claimed by several international journals. But, the debate concerning which plantation developments indirectly contributed to LUCC and which are directly will probably continue until the information on the land ownership and history of plantation development is available publicly.

NPP may be regarded as one viable option to overcome the problem. In case of fresh water availability, the supply is also less ekoefisiens the demand. Therefore, a serious effort is necessary. Nuclear desalination, which is a process of separating dissolved salts of seawater or brackish water, can be coupled to the NPP to produce fresh water.

There are some desalination technology commonly used in the world i. This paper shows the study result of selection for desalination technology pertanlan obtain the optimum solution.

The selection is done based on the thirteen important parameters, which are estimated to affect on determine technology option on the nuclear desalination with a weighing factor with ranges from 1 to 4.

The most favourable technology is that with the highest point. Since the water quality requirement to supply NPP is about 1 ppm and to supply public demand is below ppm, so a hybrid system of MED-RO is optimum option to produce fresh water.

There are many locations for traditional gold mining in Indonesia. Mining activities involving the application of traditional gold processing technology have a high potential to pollute the environment, especially surface water.

Therefore, this study aims to determine the impact of gold mining and processing on surface water quality around the mine site. Based on the results of field surveys and laboratory analysis, our dat Full Text Available This research analyzes the competitive advantage in order to enhance the marketing performance of oil palm plantation companies in West Kalimantan Provincewhich aims to: This is a descriptive and verification research that uses a descriptive and explanatory survey on the analysis unit of oil palm plantation companies in West Kalimantan Province.


The period of research implementation of two 2 years, divided into two stages; First Stage and Second Stage The data are collected using questionnaires as well as interviews and observations.

The collected data are further processed using path analysis. The results of the First Stage research find that only few of the oil palm plantation companies in West Kalimantan Province are able to achieve the marketing performance in high category or above their expected target. This is presumed to be related to the weak competitiveness or competitive advantage of the companies as found in the results of descriptive analysis of this research.

In order to understand more of such relatedness, it is necessary to conduct further research of the Second Stage focusing on investigating the influence of competitive advantage on the marketing performance of oil palm plantation companies in West Kalimantan Province. Full Text Available his study aims to know the factors influencing the retardation in procurement of construction materials on Sepaku-Petung pavement improvement project in East Kalimantan Province ;to know the most dominant factor affecting the retardation in procurement of construction materials on Sepaku-Petung pavement improvement project in East Kalimantan Province ; to determine what strategies that minimize the waiting time of materials in the improvement of Sepaku-Petung pavement project in East Kalimantan Province.

This study used quantitative research method. The data was collected through interview, questionnaire distribution, and discussion forum.

Based on the results of research and data analysis conducted, it can be concluded thatsuppliers, contractors, field conditions, and unpredictable conditionswere affecting the retardation in procurement of materials in the pavement improvement project in East Kalimantan. Field condition was the most dominant factors in the realization of Sepaku-Petung pavement improvement project in East Kalimantan province. Type B Retarding Admixtures could be added to retard the time-binding of the concrete setting time, therefore minimizing material procurement waiting time.

The contractor should also build his own supplier close to the project site to reduce the distance between the concrete supplier location and the project site. Research methods combined mixed methods with a combination of research model Sequential Exploratory Design qualitative approach to support quantitative and centered on quantitative Sugiono case control design.

The number of qualitative sample was 16 respondents to interviews and 48 respondents for FGD. The number of quantitative research sample was consisted of 62 cases and controls. Qualitative sampling by purposive sampling and quantitative Multi-stage Cluster random sampling on 3 stages. The results showed a positive effect on the socio-cultural pertabian and significantly associated with the incidence of Tuberculosis Children.

While the physical environment of the house petanian and significantly with biological environments and the incidence of Tuberculosis Children and immunization and nutrition status of children positively and significantly to the incidence of Tuberculosis of the Child as well as to the biological environment positive and significant effect on the incidence of TB Children.

The results of all the R-square keoefisiensi indicates that all of the R-square values 0. New findings from research of this dissertation are 1. Research Variable of social networks social support and collective efficacy were associated with the incidence of Tuberculosis Children. Full Text Available There are many locations for traditional gold mining perganian Indonesia.

Based on the results of field surveys and laboratory analysis, our data shows that the concentration of mercury Hg and Cyanide CN has reached 0. These values exceed the drinking water quality standards of Indonesia and WHO.

Many people who live in the mining area use surface water for daily purposes including drinking, cooking, bathing and washing. This scenario is very dangerous because the effect of surface water contamination on human health cannot be immediately recognized or diagnosed.

In our opinion the dissemination of knowledge regarding the treatment of gold mining wastewater is urgently required so that the quality of wastewater can be improved before it is discharged into the environment. This study is aimed to get potential sites along the pertanina area of Ketapang and Kayong Utara based on weighting of criteria and spatial modeling and GIS.


Determination of potential site is done based on following eklefisiensi Based on weighting and scoring, the study identified 4 potential sites on the coastal area of Kendawangan, Sukadana, Matan Hilir Utara and Matan Hilir Selatan. People and forests in East Kalimantan.

Investigators found that farmers vary in their reason for practicing shifting cultivation of logging pertankan agriculture, in their intensity of farming, and in the amount of damage they caused forests perranian their practices. Objectives of this study were to determine the proporsion of P.


This study is conductedin Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan in Samples were microscopically positive malaria cases obtained by surveys and passive case findings. Patients were also examined clinically and interviewed to investigate the history of infections. The results showed that among the samples examined, three samples 1. All of the three cases were infected locally, which consist of two in Central Kalimantan and one in South Kalimantan.

The cases in Central Kalimantan were the first finding of Plasmodium knowlesi malaria cases in the province. Clinical symptoms in two cases were mild but in another case was pertznian severe. Further research is needed in order to find other spreading area of P. Plasmodium knowlesi, human, clinical symptoms, morphology, Central Kalimantan. AbstrakSampai tahunempat kasus malaria Plamodium knowlesi pada manusia yang penularannya di sekitar hutan telah ditemukan di Kalimantan Selatan.

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui besarnya proporsi P. Penelitian ini dilakukan di Kalimantan Tengah dan Kalimantan Selatan pada tahun Sampel adalah kasus malaria positif mikroskopis yang diperoleh melalui survei dan penemuan kasus secara ekoffisiensi. Serapan darah pada kertas saring atau kerokan sediaan apus darah tebal diperiksa dengan.

The research looks for the importance of riverine settlement preservation as one of the efforts to carry out sustainable management of a traditional settlement.

East Kalimantanmore specifically riverine settlement in Mentaya River is known as one of the traditional settlements that put river as the central of their livelihood activities. The theory of Rapopport [1] was used to investigate the importance of cultural aspect influence to the settlement process, and to seek for the behavioural and environment relationship in determining the pattern of adaptation process.

Mix method approach was conducted by utilizing in depth interviews among 40 respondents within three districts, namely in Baamang, Mentaya Seberang and Mentawa Baru Ketapang subdistrict. The result shows that culture dominantly affect the process ekoefieiensi settlement adaptation, especially the aspect of family structure, social network, and kinship.

limbah cair industri: Topics by

The adaptation pattern is influenced significantly by physical environment, type of physical condition of the houses, economic condition and the degree of heritage preservation motive. It sums up that adaptation process could be effective if the integration of culture, activities and government regulations is performed. Full Text Available Batu Ampar mangrove is an important bird habitat especially for birds which have relation to mangrove ecosystem in West Kalimantan.

The research was conducted in February to Marchat mangrove Batu Ampar demo site. Sampling was done to get representative area for bird survey. The 19 transects were chosen as sampling site to collect bird data such as species and number of individual. Bird surveys were carried out using Reconnaissance method and index point of abundance IPA count method. The length of each transect was approximately m.

The abundance numbers of the individual with the bird’s species has relation pattern like J opposite. Based on dendrogram analysis there were 5 cluster birds species. The mangrove bird specialists found at sampling area were mangrove blue flycatcher and Cooper throated sunbird. Benefits and costs of oil palm expansion in Central KalimantanIndonesia, under different policy scenarios.

Deforestation and oil palm expansion in Central Kalimantan province are among the highest in Indonesia.