Seite der Diskussion ‘Der Welt-Geldbetrug!!!’ vom im w:o-Forum ‘ Währungen/Devisen/Forex’. In his contribution for the book “Der Weltgeldbetrug” (Eberhard Hamer/Eike Hamer eds., ) Walter Hirt has an international network of. 3 Hamer, Eberhard, “Der Welt-Geldbetrug” (“The World Money Fraud”), , page 39 4 Hamer, Eberhard, ibid, p. 39 5 Hamer, Eberhard, ibid.

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There will be just as many in Europe.

The most famous are the Soros Foundations. The multi-billionaire Soros has set himself the mission to implement American interests in over foundations in the world. In many countries, these foundations are therefore regarded as leveraged asset organisations. They are by now banned in Russia, China and other countries.

By the end of the year, the Soros University which serves the same purpose has to be closed in Hungary, due to a new law which allows foreign universities to have a branch in Hungary only if they also have a permanent residence in their home country.

They do not work charitable in our interest, but have third-party interests against us. Welttgeldbetrug of these actors have no democratic legitimacy.


The next crash has been planned

Nevertheless, 10 years later, they are still influencing major political decisions of the Western world through this network. Subversive government propaganda is carried out by them at home and abroad. Daily, new ones are added. This in turn can only work out if the freedom of the individual is continually restricted and the support in the nation states disappears.

As a result of the gigantic global cash generation of banknotes and the parallel caused indebtedness, the devious seductions and social demands are best suited, whereto the NGOs seltgeldbetrug powerfully. The NGO is allegedly to serve either as a foundation or a legal society for humanitarian or social purposes.

Der Welt-Geldbetrug !!! (Seite 335)

In reality, however, it is intended — hidden and taxfree — to open the doors to power to the NGO-provider states such as the USA, the global financial clique or global cartels or criminal associations such as the Mafia weltgelrbetrug order to let them gain political and economic leadership. Assuming that democracy actually promotes fairness, openness and truth in politics, the public and political opinion-forming should in Germany also be protected against the subversive power of opinion from the NGOs.


It is not acceptable that representatives of dark interests that are also financed and controlled by foreign powers sit in public broadcasting corporations, the press, associations and social institutions.

At the very least, these leveraged organisations should be deprived of their tax-free status, which unjustly favor them against every German service provider.

As much as the government calls for weltgepdbetrug fight against illegal employment and has placed a fine on it, the subversive agent operation of NGOs should also be subject to punishment and taxation so that the people can form their welgteldbetrug candidly and not to be distracted by subversive networks.

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The citizens might make this claim and popularize it. Much would already be gained if this topic was discussed openly at all. Indirect foreign policy by NGO.