DBC datasheet, DBC datasheets and manuals electornic semiconductor part. CDBC, CDBC, CDBCCW, CDBCJ and other pdf’s. (8pin-9pin). CONT.D. H. SWD is turned on. (10pin-11pin). L. SWD is turned off. (10pin-11pin). DIP SOP SSOP-B Datasheet. 【DBC NEC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in DBC PDF; DBC Datasheet; DBC Picture; DBC Image; DBC Part.

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Re 2, I was going to say that, but then I realised that if the end-user leaves them NC or grounds them, or etc. Some ICs have even NC continuously in accordance to their pin number.

The chip manufacturers packaging factory may only support a few different packages, so there may not be one available with the correct number of pins, so you go up a size.

What is a “closed terminal”? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you darasheet read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Selling DBC, DC, DG with DBC, DC, DG Datasheet PDF of these parts.

The next larger standard package is used, resulting in unused pins. In case they have no use to the end users and have no function, why are they given as pins instead of being just closed?

Sign up using Email and Password. Not having a physical pin? You’ll see in the image below that in some packages dd4066bc pins are used for a given function duplicated to increase allowable current etc. Could you give an example of the IC with a lot of NC pins?


The datasheet even lists this among its features:. Also remember that price is directly proportional to feature set.

Practical Electronics/IC/4066

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Usually safer to assume should not be connected unles specific comment made. What happens is, the silicon for the 4 output devices is the exact same as in an 8 output, except 4 pins are just labeled “NC” on datassheet datasheet! Ajith Kumar 2 Removing the pins or designing a package with a custom number of pins would be datassheet costly in terms of set-up.

NTEB – IC-CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch

Also, I suppose NC pins might provide structural stability too, rather than leaving swathes of pins not attached to the PCB. A great example is TL, which only needs 3 pins, but is sold in a variety of packages to suit customer demands up to 8 pins.

Home Datsheet Tags Users Unanswered. Here’s another perhaps even more interesting example, the TOP which is both an example of pin duplication, and of the [rare] pin removal in the DIP package[s]. This could easily result in multiple adjacent NC pins since the larger package may have many extra pins.

On some small fine pitch packages it’s difficult to get PCB traces between the pins to provide guard rings as required on very high impedance, low current inputs. You and two friends want to go somewhere, you get on a standard bus. I understood few of your points and I will work on to understand the rest! Ian Mason 91 3. Sign up using Facebook.

  IEC 61058-1 PDF

So if you need 4 pins, but there is a standard package with 5, you have one spare. In addition to the reasons already given, NC pins are sometimes used to provide somewhere to attach guard traces to. There will be a part that has 4, 6, 8 outputs of something, but are all offered in similar if not the same package, probably even the same pinout. NC in this case meaning Not internally Connected. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Though I suppose they wouldn’t list the pins as NC if that was a danger. There are of course different packages in which one such IC can be sold. In addition to the other good reasons listed, I know that NC pins are sometimes also used when: Post as a guest Name. It also means an increase in silicon size if you have to add the additional bond pads to the die. Between its D pin and everything else you [periodically] have hundreds of volts of rectified mains voltage. Often you’ll have many devices that are the same devices with different channels.

Some manufacturers will place NC pins beside inputs that might need a guard – Analog and Linear both do this on some of their low bias current Op-Amps.