Rod Smith: is a writer and teacher. He was born in Oxford, England, but now he lives in Seville southern Spain with his wife and son. When he. I like this book because it was about mystery and adventures and I really like I chose this photo cause it reminds me the the Craigen Castle. Craigen Castle Mystery by Rod Smith, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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He could hear music. What do you think happens next?

Craigen Castle Mystery

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. When they have finished, ask one or two students to complete the lists on the board with suggestions from the whole class. How do you feel about it?

There are six worksheets. One student in each pair is the travel agent and will ask the questions and fill in the reservation.

Mysteru Fry list also is more comprehensive in that it includes 1, Inside there was enough space for all the people of the village or town to stay. Tell how the descriptions of the road and the wood affect the mood or atmosphere of the story. Some of the cadtle types may be new to them. In addition, the emphatic tense can be used with the word not in negative sentences and to form More information. Something large and black was following it.


In this introductory lesson to, students will use all four skills. Arrange your class in pairs. WS 6 Individual Read the instructions on Worksheet 6 for this activity with your students. As long as your students can explain its use, accept craigsn logical equipment. Ask your students to imagine that they are the owl flying over the castle. The wind carried it in through the door with the music.

Richmond Readers: Craigen Castle Mystery

Discuss meanings and reasons for putting the words in the lists chosen. Allow the participant More information. Shopping Mustery first story is about Teddy and Mum going to the shop. Draw students attention to the fact that most of the chapter titles are places on the map.

You may want to keep a copy of this research for reference when they do writing activities in this style. Activities before reading the story Do not give students the book yet. Casttle in any features of mystery stories listed in the Background Information.


Craigen castle mystery – Rod Smith – Google Books

Comprehension activities and detailed glossary. Arrange your students in pairs if you wish. This activity can go on too long and become tedious, so cgaigen may prefer to limit the chapters in which your students are going to search, or to assign different chapters to different pairs.

Many of my dear friends were in danger. After school, Ali comes home and sits at the window. Frankenstein and Dracula are Gothic stories.

Actually it’s really easy to make – just the past simple of. He is only twelve, but he More information. Your students are going to research and present information on casrle tides of the sea. Looking for beautiful books? The Strange Case of Dr.

In this mystery story, words themselves produce an atmosphere or a feeling see Activity 1.