The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families that plunged England into a devastating, . The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families that plunged England. Historical fiction master Conn Iggulden retells the gripping story of the English Civil War in this first instalment of his latest Wars of the Roses series.

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Still his success comes across a little more like the rise of Darth Vader than a savior for the kingdom.

War of the Roses: Stormbird | Washington Independent Review of Books

While in England, Margaret becomes a very faithful and loyal wife to Richard, who is ailing. The characters the author has created are not just the famous characters from history but he uses the lives ordinary people. Greg The series is very close to being historically accurate.

Read it Forward Read it first. There’s some history here you should be knowing.

The POV from the Frenchmen was well done. Perhaps I have been spoilt by the likes of Bernard Cornwall. My great-grandfather was a Seannachie, so I suppose story-telling is in the genes somewhere. Overall, the book feels very much like a Fiction rather than Historical Faction. PaperbackAdvanced Reader Copy79 pages. As Normandy, too, threatens to fall under this avalanche of bounty for France, it is not just young Margaret of Anjou who arrives on English shores to stir the half-mad king.

In the tradition of great historical fiction, Stormbird will leave readers waiting eagerly for the sequels while satiating lingering curiosity over their own research on the Wars of the Roses. Books by Conn Iggulden. Although much of the action takes place among the lords and soldiers throughout parts of London, Kent, and France, Margaret is the revelation here.


Return to Book Page. Lots of factions plotting the downfall of King Henry VI. I found their story compelling. As in his Emperor series, which details the life of Julius Caesar, Iggulden has tackled a complex and lengthy historical period.

Also publishes under author name C. The Wars of the Roses take root, flourish and grow through the pages of a masterpiece of a novel — Stormbird by Conn Iggulden.

Iggulden always has a section at the end where he explains which parts are facts and where he needed to add fiction. Appreciated a lot about the book. Can I read it? Lois rated it liked it Oct 01, It is only when I delved into this advanced preview that I realised just how well suited a writer like Conn Iggulden is to tackling this very English affair.

This was one of my most anticipated books to read this year, and it did not disappoint.

Stormbird (Wars of the Roses, book 1) by Conn Iggulden

His desire for peace at any cost is presented as playing into the French hands and directly leading conm the loss of Normandy. These are partially remedied by the flashes of humor injected into the iggulden, as they must have been even during the wars. This is the story about a man named King Henry VI who’s a little sickly and screws up that whole Henry V most excellent soliloquy: This period is a time of lots of upheaval for England due to a bad deal made for Maine and Anjou iggulfen France but included the marriage of Henry VI to Margaret of Anjou and this started a chain of events that eventually became known as the War of the Roses – the ongoing ‘battle’ between Lancasters and Yorks for who would be King of England.


I have enormous respect for those who still storkbird at igglden chalk-face. Jul 08, Pages. Nahid rated it really liked it Aug 15, Duke Richard only wanted what was best for his country. Refresh and try again. The marriage will go ahead and all we need to do now is mention casually to the English living in Maine and Anjou that their service is no longer appreciated by the Crown. The reader will look forward to the growth of her famously forceful personality and political acumen in the rest of the trilogy.

Jul 17, Yorkshiresoul rated it really liked it. I couldn’t stop once I started to turn the pages. There rebellion is well told and as iggulven as their frustration with the Nobility.

Stormbird: A Preview (Wars Of The Roses, #1)

Want to Read saving…. The boy Henry is to be married to Margaret of Anjou.

Thank you for this giveaway. Yet there are those, such as the Plantagenet Richard, Duke of York, who believe England must be led by a strong king if she is to survive. This book is told from POVs of various characters, not all of them cconn ones. I’m sure many won’t mind, but for stomrbird it was jarring, and I had to make a conscious effort to stay immersed every time this and similar choices popped up.