Comunicación verbal, no verbal y paraverbal. Priscila Salgado Comunicarse, según el Diccionario de la Lengua Española de la RAE, significa. Curso Online de Comunicación No Verbal Online de IAFI – Aprender. Comunicación no verbal Significado Acariciarse la quijada: Toma de decisiones Comunicación verbal, no verbal y paraverbal Clase LC

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A year ago I set up a Google Scholar Alert for “phatic” in order to keep a more watchful eye on new publications that use the technical term.

This post contains some of the single-excerpt entries in my ever-expanding collection. Some papers I’ll have to read in full, because they add something interesting to phatic theory, or apply the concept on novel material, but most of these here use the term in passing and in an already established sense.

Nevertheless, I believe that nearly every instance of its usage can add something to my knowledge, and can be used to map the conceptual field.

If you found this post by googling your own name, and found an excerpt of your writing here, you are welcome to pataverbal me if you want it retracted or something added.

I apologize for taking liberties without reading your work in full, but my interest in this technical term alone should justify it. Effectively, it is a florilegiuma compilation of excerpts from other writings, a bouquet of flowers in the form of a text.


This post and possible subsequent post like it will hopefully serve parraverbal demonstrate the wide variety of uses to with the term “phatic” is put.

There are some very obvious terminological and conceptual issues involved with phaticity, taken as a whole, and ratifying or amending those issues is the primary goal of my undertaking. The aim really is to synthesize all the available uses and construct a general theory of phaticity.

La traslación del escenario DAB al DAB+, en España | GORKA ZUMETA – Consultor y Formador

If anything, I hope to see the term used more widely and more comuhicacion, and anyone perusing these quotes and comments should be able to construct a more elaborate formulation of phaticity on their own. It also serves as a kind of public warning: While I have published at the time of writing this nothing on the matter, I do hope to reach a “breaking point” in my understanding and overview, and pour out a torrent of papers dealing with various aspects of the subject matter.

As I see it, the increasing broadness and frequency of its use might be enough to start considering establishing an inter- or transdisciplinary field or research orientation called “phatic studies”.


To this end, if anyone is more keenly interested in the subject and possible collaboration, my e-mail can be found in the side-bar. Copyright c soul searching or just looking for fights. EnglishNotesPhaticsSource: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Real understanding of paravefbal scientific subject must include some knowledge of its historical growth; we cannot comprehend and accept modern concepts and theories without knowing something of their origins – of how we have got where we are. Neglect of this maxim can lead to that unfortunate state of mind which regard the science of the day as finality.

Marta Castañer I –

Reading collects orationes logoi discourses, elements of discourse ; we must make a corpus of them. What we take to be the books parraverbal have read is in fact an anomalous accumulation of fragments of texts, reworked by our imagination and unrelated to the books of others, even if these books are materially identical to ones we have held in our hands.

We should dive for them in the deeps of literature.