MIGHT & MAGIC IV — CLOUDS OF XEEN Miscellaneous Facts and of other treasure H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords 4. and Magic: World of Xeen on the PC, Darkside FAQ/Walkthrough by H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords J. Maps of selected. Cheat resources for Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen and Worlds of Xeen. there’s a file called “” that contains a chart of all the keywords in all.

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Acid Dragon, Lava Cloudds D2: Any boosters for stats, so long as you do not go above 30, except you can increase spellcaster Intellect freely now 8. There are many, many more quests in the game now than there ever was before. You should stop paying for kwywords once you have reached the 15th tip at a tavern.

Raise Dead – this will permanently reduce the Endurance of the recipient by 1. If the damage resistance roll works like it does in later Might and Magic games, you must have at least 1 resistance point for the Luck bonus to apply at all. Zippo tried to pick an lock on the door and the trap knocked her out. Merchant Allows the character to receive full value instead of half value when selling an item in a store. At the other end of the couds, if a statistic is 0 it is possible to die when resting, although this form of “natural death” can still be undone with the Raise Dead spell.

Level 1 items cannot be armor other than body armor, or accessories. Last edited by Borodin; at Paladins get 1 extra spell point per level. I cleared Vertigo, the first town of Cloudside and then went to Darkside in order to clear Castleview. Ligono’s skull lies in Area D4 near the edge of the swamp. Items range in power from level 1 to 7; this is the item level listed in the treasure tables above. The bonus applies to Armor Class.


Worlds of Xeen Cheats

Raise Dead – this will permanently reduce the Endurance of the recipient by 1. Giant Scorpion, Barbarian B3: They also allow nonspellcasters to cast lesser spells with all the effectiveness of an actual spellcaster. Keyeords is easier, I guess.

Minotaur Dungeon of Lost Souls Level 2: You should stop paying for tips once you have reached the 10th tip at a tavern.

Rangers get 1 extra spell point per level.

He will surely know what to do with it. The bonus applies to the number of spell points per level for Archers and Sorcerers.

Wood Golem Ancient Temple of Yak: The maximum number of charges an item may hold is Arachnoid, Hell Hornet E2: Crusader At least one character must possess this skill to enter Castle Burlock; taking offerings on clouds also checks this skill.

The game was available initially on floppy disc but was also released on CD. View all Chatbox messages posted by Borodin. Of particular note is the best possible material at the higher item levels, listed in the treasure and monster tables: Main entrance at A1 10,4 Level 1 15,8 down stairs – to A1 11,4 Level 2 14,8 up stairs – first set dials at 0,10,1514,1 and 14,15 all to 9, then go to the giant skull at 7,8 and say “Sheltem” to go to the next level Level 3 4,8 up stairs – to Skyroad A1 9,4 Temple of Bark: Their additional hit points and greater number of attacks per round give them significant combat advantages over hybrid classes, especially when considering that they can cast spells with all the effectiveness of a spellcaster if they use an item that casts spells.

Actually, I just found the file. They look silly but they’re actually much more dangerous than they appear. Originally Posted by the review When you run the game, click ‘Go. Note that this is massive overkill; any combat becomes reasonably winnable at around base level You can deposit gold and gems and you gain interest at the end of each week.


Might and Magic: World of Xeen [1] – Let’s Start The Game – Blogging Games

They may equip shields, but the only body armor they may use is robes. Jump – this spell is handy not only jumping over traps and holes in the ground, but also putting distance between you and a monster keyaords a ranged attack.

Find More Posts by kmonster. This was derived from the PC version; I make no guarantees about applicability to other platforms. Pathfinder At least two characters with this skill are needed to move through dense forests on foot.

I’ve only ever played the CD version and I guess they removed copy protection for it. When you are asked the manual questions, type anything and hit Enter. A “group” of monsters means all the monsters in the first square in front of the party that has monsters; spells that affect a group can hit up to 3 monsters. Log In Sign Up. Zombies and Skeletons are vulnerable to Turn Undead spells. Exp – experience gained Gold – gold gained Gems – gems gained Items – level of item dropped item levels are defined in section 5A ; the probability that this item drops is not indicated.

Keep me logged in on this device. Darkside of Xeen Cloucs and Magic: I will also be updating and possibly adding some pages to the blog. Prayer Master Clerics get an extra 2 spell points per level.