Cavanillesia platanifolia (Bonpl.) Kunth. Family: Malvaceae. Common names: cuipo. Photo: R. Pérez. Description: One of the giant trees of the area, with a. Cavanillesia platanifolia 50 Gal. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Cuipo is a large tree of the american tropics which resembles the african baobob. It can grow to a. Native from Panama to Peru, this fast-growing tree grows up to 40 meters tall, occasionally up to 50 meters. The trunk, un-branch.

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Cavanillesia platanifolia 50 Gal

The trunk develops a bottle-shape as the tree ages, adding to its character and prominence. Spreading, sparsely foliaged branches sit high atop the soaring trunk, forming a rounded to umbrella-shaped crown.

Leaves are large, soft, green and change from an oval to lobed shape as the tree ages. Being deciduous, they fall from the tree during the dry season. Flowers are reddish-brown and bloom near the cavvanillesia of the dry season, just before new leaf growth.


Fruit are unusual, papery, five-winged seedpod and are designed to be dispersed by wind. Giant Cuipo’s great height and conspicuous trunk is sure to draw admiration and interest in public gardens. The wood is platanifollia light-weight and similar to Balsawood. The trunk floats easily and has traditional use in its native region for crafting dug-out canoes. De-forestation has reduced its natural habitat and the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN has declared it a species in need of p,atanifolia.

STRI Data Portal – Cavanillesia platanifolia

Giant Cuipo is adapted to humid lowlands regions with air temperatures generally in the range of 20 to 35C and annual rainfall between and mm. Giant Cuipo is not reported to be a high risk weed or invasive species.

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File:Cavanillesia platanifolia ().jpg – Wikimedia Commons

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