Title: Epicuro carta sobre a felicidade, Author: Padeiros Memorias, Name: Epicuro carta sobre a felicidade, Length: 51 pages, Page: 1. 14 nov. Carta sobre a Felicidade Epicuro CRONOLOGIA DE EPICURO A DOUTRONA DE EPICURO OU CARTA A MENECEU A CARTA SOBRE A. carta sobre a felicidade à meneceu – Epicuro. 1 like. Book.

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In this paper, we will not explore the basic concepts of the practical work in philosophical consulting, because this paper will be directed to experimented people in the philosophical practice. This method has been presented and discussed in a significant number of places.

Álvaro Lorencini (Translator of Carta sobre a felicidade)

Could we find a philosophical explication to this tendency? Or it is more a psychological question?

The importance of the life-projects is a significant reality to the world-vision of the teenagers. To construct a personal project, the teenager needs a whole of project competencies. Usually, it is the school which will work, in the teenagers mind, those competencies. The work of that discipline does not include an application to the personal and real life of the teenagers.


So, we need a space where the teenager could do a personal work about his life-projects and inclusively about himself as a fundamental project. With this paper, I felicudade to promote, for the first time, an international debate about some benefits and limitations in the practical application of the PROJECT method.


EPICURO. Carta Sobre a Felicidade.pdf

In fact, in the literature of the practical philosophers, we did not found approaches to the philosophical techniques of the consultation work. The practical groups will have two participants. They will feljcidade two consultation sessions, doing each other the function of counsellor and the function of client.

Feliciddae the end, we will conclude this paper with a debate about the benefits and the limitations of the PROJECT method in the individual philosophical consultation. Could we say that the personal application of this consulting method will perform a philosophical life?

Our colleagues in Brazil, they are very interested in the development of this method. So, the question is: And what are the objectives?


From trader to contractor, the Portuguese. Students in Higher Education Governance: