View and Download CANON POWERSHOT A IS user manual online. POWERSHOT A IS Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Canon Powershot A IS user manual online. Canon Powershot A IS: User Guide. Powershot A IS Digital Camera pdf manual. Canon Powershot A IS: Software User Guide. Powershot A IS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Powershot sd is, Powershot sx is, .

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Items marked with a functions or procedures. Poewrshot Read Getting Started Please note that Canon Inc. Preparations Preparations Installing the Batteries Slide the battery cover lock a and hold it open while sliding the cover b and opening it c.

Battery Cover Lock Install four batteries. Close the cover aand press downward as you slide it until it clicks into place b. Attaching the Wrist Strap In order to avoid dropping the camera, we recommend attaching the wrist strap before using the camera. Preparations Inserting the Memory Card Slide the battery cover lock a and hold it open while sliding the cover b and opening it c.

Battery Cover Lock Insert the memory card until it clicks into place. Ensure that the memory card is correctly oriented before inserting it in the camera.


Inserting it backward may cause the camera to fail to recognize the memory card or to malfunction. To Remove the Memory Card Push the memory card with your finger until the memory card clicks and then release it. It can be opened to the following range of positions. Opened right to left degrees. Set the date and time as shown in Step 3 and 4. Buttons Press the power button. Preparations You can imprint the date and time you have set onto images p.

Install the batteries into the camera at time of purchase, or recharge batteries for about 4 hours using the separately-sold AC Adapter Kit ACK Select a shooting mode. Set the mode switch to Shooting. Shooting Still Images Press the shutter button lightly press halfway to set the focus.

Review Recorded images are displayed on the LCD monitor for approximately 2 seconds immediately after shooting. You can also use the following methods to continue displaying the image immediately after shooting so that you can check it. Keep the shutter button pressed fully. Shooting Movies Mode Dial Press the power button. Set the mode dial to 3. Confirm that the camera is set to Standard. Aim the camera at the subject. Do not touch the microphone while recording. Shooting Movies Press the shutter button lightly press halfway to set the focus.


Viewing Movies Buttons Set the mode switch to Use the button. Erasing Erasing Buttons Set the mode switch to Use the press the button. Please note that erased images cannot be recovered. Exercise adequate caution before erasing an image. Printing Turn on the printer. Ensure that you install the software first before connecting the camera to the computer.

Follow the onscreen messages to proceed with the installation. Connecting the camera to a computer. Preparations for downloading images are now finished. Macintosh The following window will appear when you establish a connection between the camera and computer.

If it fails to appear, click the [CameraWindow] icon on the Dock the bar which appears at the bottom of the desktop. The button will blink blue while downloading is in progress.

Press the button after downloading finishes. System Kanual Optional Accessories The following camera accessories are sold separately. Some accessories are not sold in some regions, or may no longer be available. Canon brand memory cards are available in MB and MB capacities. Indicators The indicators on the back of the camera will light or blink under the following conditions. Ready to shoot camera beeps twice Blinking Green: Ready to shoot flash on Blinking Orange: Menu This menu sets many of the common shooting functions.

Menu You can switch manula menus with button. Menu The icons shown here indicate the default settings factory settings. Menu Item Options Playback Vol. As this setting will be stored to memory even when the power is turned off, to print using an image size other than however, maual connection method cannot be changed while connected to a printer. The LCD monitor on or off setting is retained even vanon the camera power is turned off. Image Stabilizer Create Folder Stills: Since the camera automatically readjusts for the optimal settings when using the flash, settings displayed in shooting information may differ from the actual settings.

Basic Operations The following information may also be displayed with some images. A sound file in a format other than the WAVE format is powegshot or the file format is not recognized. Use the [Reset All]. Press the Accept the setting.

Use the [OK] 2. Press the When the camera is in shooting mode and the mode dial is set toonly iz settings saved for default settings. Basic Operations Formatting Memory Caonn You should always format a new memory card or one from which you wish to erase all images and other data.

Please note that formatting initializing a memory card erases all data, including protected images and other file types. The zoom bar will display while you adjust the zoom. The available shooting characteristics and focal lengths 35mm film equivalent are as follows: Selection Focal Length Standard 35 — mm 35 — Commonly Used Shooting Functions Safety Zoom Zone Depending on the number of recording pixels set, you can zoom without pausing up to a factor where the image quality does not deteriorate Safety Zoom.


In the menu, use the button to select [Digital Zoom]. Press the Adjust the angle of view with the zoom lever and shoot. Use the the flash mode. At maximum wide angle, the image area is 28 x 20 mm 1. Use the and choose button. Use the [Delay] or [Shots] and change the settings with the 2. Press the If the [Shots] option is set to 2 or more shots, the following occurs. Use the and the the option. See Memory Cards and Estimated Capacities p.

Commonly Used Shooting Functions Configuring the Postcard Mode Shooting Mode You can shoot images with the optimal settings for postcards by composing them inside the print area width-to-height ratio of approximately 3: Press the Select [Date Stamp]. In the menu, use the button to select [Date Stamp]. The powwershot stamp cannot be deleted from the image data once it has been embedded.


In the menu, use the button to select [IS Mode]. Setting the Shutter Speed: Caonn Setting the Shutter Speed and Aperture: Register regularly used shooting modes and settings. Shooting Canob the Mode Dial Allows you to take snapshots of people against twilight or night backgrounds by reducing the effects of camera shake even without using a tripod. Allows you to capture subjects that move around, such as children and pets, without missing photo opportunities.

Foliage Shoots trees and leaves—such as new growth, autumn leaves or blossoms—in vivid colors. Snow Shoots without a blue tinge and without making people appear dark against a snowy background.

This mode uses an optimal white balance setting to reduce bluish tones and record images with a natural hue. The ISO speed is set to Movie Shooting Canoj Mode The following movie modes are available.

The recording time will vary according to the capacity of the memory card you use p. Standard You can select the recording pixels and record until the memory card is full when a super high-speed memory card is used, such as the recommended SDCMSH. Shooting Using the Mode Dial Shoot.

Canon PowerShot A650 IS & A720 IS

Changing Recording Pixels You can change the recording pixels when the movie mode is set to Standard frame rate is fixed. Select the number of recording pixels. Use the and the change the option.