This is what is called out in my owners manual for my manual shift transfer case. Is there an acceptable alternative to the MOPAR BW , , , , , , Ram Borg Warner BW The BW replaced New Venture NV manual shift transfer cases which were. After much research I have the BW on demand transfer case. The two manuals I have state all transfer cases take atf4 except NGV

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Transfer case fluid, owners manual missprint. I was concerned if it should be to the bottom of the hole so after looking in the manual I got confused on what transfer case I have. After much research I have the BW on demand transfer case. The two manuals I have state all transfer cases take atf4 except NGV takes special fluid. No mention of the fluid for the BW so what does it take. I found a pdf owners manual online and it has a different page than the paper manual I have and it states special fluid for the BW I am now at a loss and pissed off.

Pretty bad that dodge cant decide or tell us the proper fluids to use in our trucks. Mabey I should spend a hour looking at the stupid dvd they provided instead of a proper paper manual. Can some tech or expert please tell me what fluid to top it up with and if it even needs to be topped up, the drain and fill plugs were factory sealed and the fluid color in the transfer case is red. Why can they put this in writing so we know what fluids to put in our vehicles.

Stamp or put a tag on the transfer case. Mike, what’s your VIN number last 8 digits? I will first double-check and confirm which transfer case you have, then check on the fluid spec for you. We do frequently have more than one edition of an owner’s manual. If we discover errors, we correct them and publish a new version which should also be available online.


My apologies for the confusion!! Thank you I will send you my vin when I get off work. I do definitely have the BW transfer case and the fluid in it is red. May not even be necessary and I never thought nobody would know what to put in it. I am a licensed technician and it looks like ATF.

Well it still may be ATF. I have posted on three ram fourms and been mabual the dealer and nobody seems to know what fluid it is. Also my two owner manuals are useless unless you have the transfer case that was discontinued in I still think it is ATF but we need to be certain. The fluid is red.

Dodge RAM Transfer Case 12-17 2500 3500 BW 44-47 Manual Shift

I also emailed customer service to explain my issues and have yet to receive a response. It’s a good thing I really like the truck or I would be trading it majual soon.

That would be awesome, if it is special fluid can you get a part number for it? Mike, still checking on this. I will let you know I am not impressed. You should be able to find that at most any parts store. Wow that’s not what Amnual was expecting to hear.

Transfer case and front differential service questions

It looks like dextron as it is not as red as atf4. So this transfer case fluid should be cheap from Chrysler. Do you mind me asking how you found out it is regular trans fluid? I really appreciate your help with this. If the fluid is just dexron how is it justified to charge dollars a quart for 3 dollar fluid. I wish it would say somewhere it takes ATF if that’s what it needs. I’ll take your word for it transengineer, but how hard was it for you to find this out and how is the customer able to know what to use in their vehicles.


Mike, I asked one of our transfer case engineers about the fluid spec, and he sent me the spec for the factory fill fluid. According to the info he sent, it’s Dexron III fluid. Great to see you finally got to the bottom of this issue mike. Just throwin this out there, think about this for a momment Customers will be going back to their dealer with chatter issues they didnt have before having the fluid changed, and the goober tech will just stand ther and scratch his nuts wondering what to do next.

They arent smart enough to figure out that THEY were the reason the transfer case isnt working like it should because they put the wrong oil in it. Chrysler needs to step up to the plate and get this lube information printed in the owners manual s and then send out an emergency bulletin to all dealerships AND all truck owners that have this “AUTO 4×4” transfer case.

This is one of many reasons why dodge always fails at never becoming number one in the big 3. Transfer case fluid, owners manual missprint rrmike Thanks Stainless If you can help thanks allot.