Postby first» Tue Aug 28, am. Please, help me to find this burkhard heim 12 dimensionen pdf free. I’ll be really very grateful. Nov. This is a transcript of Burkard Heim’s legendary presentation to .. 2. The deductive basis of the unified field theory. Wenn wir uns nun . drei reellen Dimensionen des kompakten physischen Raumes und der mit diesen. Mai Außerdem möchte ich den Menschen Burkhard Heim schildern, der mich .. Welt eröffnet (weitere sechs Dimensionen), ohne zunächst genau sagen Über die restlichen Koordinaten (x9, x12) war nur bekannt, dass hier.

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Trotzdem hatte er die schwierigen Rechnungen zur Einheitlichen Feldtheorie Einsteins aufgenommen und in jahrzehntelanger einsamer Arbeit Einsteins Traum verwirklicht: Der Forschungskreis Heimsche Theorie will versuchen, durch geeignete Darstellungen der Heimschen Arbeiten andere Physiker auf diese Theorie aufmerksam zu machen.

burkhard heim 12 dimensionen pdf free – PDF Files

Denn Burkhard Heim ist heute im Gegensatz zum Jahr bei den meisten Physikern nicht mehr bekannt. Die bedeutenden Physiker, mit denen er zusammengearbeitet hatte u.

Sie sind jedoch mit physikalischen Instrumenten nicht ausmessbar, haben informatorischen Charakter und beschreiben qualitative Aspekte Bedeutungen materieller Organisationen. The physicist Burkhard Heim was a severely handicapped person blind, hard of hearing, handless.

Therefore it was impossible for him to work within a team at an institute.

This formula yields all known and some unknown masses of elementary particles and resonances on account of the knowledge about the internal dynamics of geometrical structures, without introducing of Higgs-bosons or perturbation calculations. Therefore, it should to be checked by specialists. But the many results of this theory dimebsionen correspond with experiments, in our opinion, justify all efforts of a preoccupation with it — contrary to many other modern theoretical ideas.

Today most physicists do not know Burkhard Heim other than in the late s. The reason is that Heim has waited for a too long time to publish his books and did not care much for a representation of his manuscripts which is sufficient to modern standards.

Also the leading physicists with whom Heim worked together for instance the professors Pascual Jordan, Hamburg, and Richard Becker, Goettingendeceased long ago. Therefore, no physicists believe that a scientist who worked privately and not at an institute could realize such a significant work.

Nobody reads his books and no one of the particle physicists cimensionen care of the mass formula. One rather believes in the correctness of the established standard-theories and attempts to confirm these by scattering experiments, or at least to get new insights from them, paying a lot of money. According to Heim, the mass spectrum is only describable within a world of six dimensions. Therefore, also we men must live in a world with three real and three imaginary dimensions.


The two additional dimensions dimfnsionen not — like in Kalzua-Klein theories — curled up in small areas, but they are principally verifiable domains of values of the world. But they are not measurable by physical instruments and have an informational character, since they describe qualitative aspects meanings of material organizations. That is the reason why Heim in the last years of his life developed an extended formal logic, in order to describe quantitative as well as qualitative aspects uniformly.

Only in this way it was possible to formalize biological and psychological processes like consciousness in a 6-dimensional manifold, and therefore also non-physical events. This will have exceptionally far-reaching consequences for all fields of science. Erst im Jahre sah ich Heims Werk wieder.

Der Text seiner formalen Logik ist mindestens ebenso schwer zu lesen wie derjenige von Gottlob Frege. Komplett-Media und in der englischen Version dieses Buches werden die Grundgedanken zur Syntrometrie teilweise mit Heims bugkhard Worten in den Kapiteln Herr Stefan Klemenz aus Augsburg hat die mit Schreibmaschine geschriebene Version unentgeltlich in ein druckreifes Schriftbild dimennsionen und die formal-logischen Formelzeichen, die kein Computer-Matheprogramm kennt, neu generiert.

Ein dritter Band dimensiinen von ihm zur Zeit bearbeitet. Parts of this manuscript I already saw in one of his labotatory rooms in Northeim near Goettingen when I was doing research on the photophoresis phenomenon during my semester vacations in However the papers were bound into two thick hardcover books in A4 format, filled with hundreds of typed pages of text and with new formula-signs written in ink, which Mrs. Since in those days a physicist was not allowed to write about consciousness- and postmortem-states without having to fear serious consequences for his reputation as a scientist.

Several physicists have already read the manuscripts about the syntrometry. Komplett-Media and in the English version of that book in chapters However, after our group had waited for some years, the logician gave up his cooperation for lack of time.

burkhard heim 12 dimensionen pdf free

We soon gave up the idea to publish a shorter, limited version first. Nevertheless, we expected to attract the kind of international attention which Heim deserves by providing an English version. A member oft the Heim-research-group, who has been living in New York for some years, tried to translate the text in the past. However, it soon became obvious that he did not understand dimnsionen meaning of many passages, so he had to stop the translation. We hope that in the near future a publisher hwim be found who can enable a professional translation of this text into English.

Stefan Klemenz from Augsburg converted the typewritten version free of charge into a readable and publishable version and at the same time generated new formula signs, which so far did not exist as recognizable formular symbols for mathematics programs on computers.


Burkhard Heim explains his theory in speeches, interviews and private burkhqrd. With comments by Illobrand von Ludwiger. Until a mysterious physicist lived in Germany who in the s had achieved fame for a short time, but then continued working in obscurity.

Only rarely did he lecture at congresses, and it was not before the s that he published his work in two comprehensive volumes. The message he wanted to communicate is so difficult to understand that his work has scarcely been read. The first thing you will note is that the positive opinions have been uttered by burkhars physicists who have known Burkhard Heim personally or have studied his work. By contrast, all critical judgments have come from physicists who have neither known Heim nor examined his work.

In the s Burkhard Heim claimed to have found what Einstein and his successors have been looking for in vain to this day: That sounds incredible, as nobody thinks a physicist not integrated in the academic life capable of such an achievement. However, since nobody was able to understand the theoretical derivations of the formulas without prior familiarization, the DESY-physicists were stunned, but kept silent about this sensation and awaited the judgments of structural theorists and relativity theorists on the theory.

However, all of them hold the view that it is much too complicated, so that even very good theorists would need to occupy themselves with this theory for at least one year in order to be able to evaluate it. A theory that leads to the geometrical description of matter seems very reliable.

An error occurred.

The philosophical consequences for us humans are enormous, as even qualitative aspects of matter, such as learning processes and consciousness, can be described by an aspectual logic newly developed by Heim. Heims occupation with the theory of elementary particles forced him, due to the 2 additional dimensions that had become mathematically necessary and which proved to be of organising kind, to integrate qualities into the total description of worldly events in a formal-logical way.

Therefore, he had to develop a more general logic than the Aristotelic one. That is the subject of the present text…. Korrigierte Fassung vom Summary Until a mysterious physicist lived in Germany who in the s had achieved fame for a short time, but dimenisonen continued working in obscurity.