It appears you are located in United States of America. Stay on SAP Training Shop United States of America or choose another country or region. To learn more. BIT SAP NetWeaver Process Integration SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Participant Handbook Course Version: 74 Course Duration: 5 Day(s) Material. Operations of SAP Process Integration. Using the Runtime Workbench; Using the Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home; Using the SAP NetWeaver.

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Operation Mapping Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you netwraver be able to: Technical System Landscape of the Example Scenario It consists of two third-party type application systems and client of the SAP PI system, which is configured as the integration server.

Check an XML message in the message monitor for the sender communication components, quality of service, and data part of the payload.

Of course, several receivers can be configured.

Message Processing Types Lesson Overview This lesson discusses the transfer mode of messages and the option of switching between stateless and stateful message traffic by using the interface pattern. As you know, functions of various types can be used within message mapping.

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They must be exported by the ESR and copied into the file system. Software Components and Products: The interface facilitates the smoothest transition to other SAP NetWeaver administration tools, such as user management. This data is sent to the receiver business system, where it is processed using an inbound interface.

A mapping rule from an outbound interface to an sal interface is defined for each data exchange.


In the context menu, choose New Specific. This includes file and directory names and their paths, messages, names of variables and parameters, and passages procses the source text netweavrr a program. There is the additional Party attribute for B2B scenarios.

According to the assigned role, certain elements of the user interface are activated or not activated to allow only authorized users netwaver be able to carry out the corresponding activities.

Configure the asynchronous scenario that is described in the business example. Implementing Technical Systems Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: The RWB will also be used in subsequent units. In contract to the products and software components versions that are visible in the SLD, the software features are not based on any visible objects.

Structure and Transfer to the Pipeline These queues are the basis for the mapping and are also created and used for all intermediate steps, such as standard functions. The key objects of an interface in the interface objects area are service interfaces, together with the corresponding service operations, message types, and data types. Communication Components for Business Systems in the Integration Directory You store configuration data for the runtime of integration scenarios in the Integration Directory.

You therefore answer the following essential questions before the implementation: This means that the messages that are sent to the pipeline are processed in a work process. How many nodes does the message type have? The sender service, sender interface, and namespace entries are default. It is possible to reference several interfaces because there may be several technical ways of performing a business process step.

Double-click to navigate to the detail view. Definition of Terms From a software vendor’s point of view, a software component is a modular entity that you can implement in multiple products. Note the different types of interface, namely, service interfaces that have been created, SAP interfaces that have been imported IDocs, RFCsand external interfaces.


To implement a business process in this system landscape, you need to analyze the technical properties of the various systems and the application components that are installed.

SAP Process Integration

The wizard asks for information such as sender communication component, sender interface, receiver communication component, receiver interface, and, if necessary, mapping and receiver agreement.

It references a single, complex data type. If you used the context integrarion of netweaverr namespace urn: What information can you find in the configuration overview for the receiver determination? Note that not all of the listed tasks are available for every component. Next, choose the Change Lists tab page.

Determine the software components installed in the SAP back-end system of the current course.

It shows how to create business systems in the SLD, and how to import these into the Integration Directory. If the structure of the outbound interface is different to that of the inbound interface, you need to create a mapping program. Bundling of the interfaces and mappings used. The document header must, among other things, contain the sender service, the sender interface and the quality of service. To avoid naming conflicts for object names in later deliveries, save your objects in a separate namespace.

The system generates the missing configuration objects for you.