Europack UBFX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: EURORACK UBFX Technical Specifications Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany No part of this manual may be reproduced or. EURORACK UBFX/UBFX User Manual. Table of Contents . The BEHRINGER EURORACK mixing console offers you premium-quality microphone.

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Select a language NL English Dutch. Previous page Next page. English, Ub12022fx Ask a question. Table of Contents Page: Control Elements and Connectors Caution Toreducetheriskoffireorelectricshock, donotexposethisappliancetorainand moisture. Donotinstallnearanyheatsourcessuchas radiators,heatregisters,stoves,orotherapparatus includingamplifiers thatproduceheat. Trident Chambers,Wickhams Cay, P. The FX processor puts at your disposal presets with first-class room simulations, delay and modulation effects, and many multi-effects in outstanding audio quality.

Always be careful to set appropriate volume levels. Preamplification Microphones convert sound waves into voltage that has to be amplified several-fold; then, this voltage is turned into sound that is reproduced in a loudspeaker.

Therefore, mic signal voltage is amplified directly at the mixer input to a higher signal level that is less prone to interference. This higher, interference-safe signal level has to be achieved through amplification using an amplifier of the highest quality in order to amplify the signal and add as little noise to it as possible. Level-setting Signals fed into the mixer using a DI-box Direct Injection or the output of a sound behrinter or mamual keyboard, often have to be adjusted to the operating level of your mixing console.

Frequency response correction Using the equalizers found in each channel strip, you can simply, quickly and effectively adjust the way a signal sounds. Individual, processed signals from the channel strips are compiled on busses and are fed into the main section for further processing. The mix is sent to the behronger FX processors or external effects processors via aux sends and returns. Similarly, a mix can be created for kanual musicians on mqnual stage monitor mix.

All other mixing console functions fall under this vital category. Creating a mix means primarily adjusting the volume levels of individual instruments and voices to one another as well as giving them the appropriate weight within the overall frequency spectrum.

At the end of this process, adjusting the level of the entire mix to other equipment in the signal path is required e.

In order to help you understand the links between the controls, we have arranged them in groups according to their kb1202fx. If you need to know more about specific issues, please visit our website at http: Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the packaging and its contents for any signs of physical damage that may have occurred during transit. First connect the power supply unit to the console, ub122fx connect the power supply unit to the mains.

Other Media Files : Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX

Should your country not be listed, please contact the distributor nearest you. A list of distributors can be found in the support area behringger our website http: Registering your purchase and equipment with us helps us process your repair claims more quickly and efficiently.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Control Elements and Connectors this uv1202fx describes the various control elements of your mixing console. Please also note the instructions in chapter 2. Unbalanced devices mono connectors can also be connected to these inputs.

This control should always be turned fully counterclockwise whenever you connect or disconnect a signal source to one of the inputs. The scale has 2 different value ranges: While the GAIN control is turned all the way down, connect your equipment.

If that unit has an output signal level display, it should show 0 dB during signal peaks. EQ All mono input channels include a 3-band equalizer. All bands provide boost or cut of amnual to 15 dB. In the central position, the equalizer is inactive. The upper HIGH and the lower band LOW are shelving filters that increase or decrease all frequencies above or below their cut-off frequency.

Unlike shelving filters, the peak filter processes a frequency range that extends upwards and downwards around its middle frequency.

FX FX sends enable you to feed signals via a variable control from one or more channels and sum these signals to a bus. The return from the effects unit is then brought back into the console on the stereo channels. If this were not the case, the effects signal of the channel would remain audible even when the fader is lowered to zero.

This control features a constant-power characteristic, which means the signal is always maintained at a constant level, irrespective of position in the stereo panorama. The stereo channels are designed to handle typical line level signals. Both inputs will also accept unbalanced connectors.

FX The FX send of the stereo channels functions similar to that of the mono channels. However, since the FX send bus is mono, a mono sum is first taken from the stereo input before it is sent to the FX hb1202fx.

If a channel is operated in mono via the left line input, this control has the same function as the PAN control used in the mono channels. Once an effects mix is created, the processed signal can then be routed from the effects device outputs back into a stereo input.

The main mix signal appears ub202fx at a level of 0 dBu. Depending on how you wish to use your mixer and which gear you own, you can connect the following equipment: A stereo dynamics processor optionalstereo equalizer optional and the stereo power amplifier for full-range loudspeakers with passive crossovers. If you wish to use multi-way loudspeaker systems without an integrated crossover, you have to use an active crossover and several power amplifiers.

Often, limiters are already built into active crossovers e.

Behringer EURORACK UB1202FX Manuals

Active crossovers are implemented directly before the power amplifier, and they divide the frequency manul into several segments that are first amplified in the amplifiers and then passed on to the corresponding loudspeakers. Use it to custom-tailor the dynamic characteristics of your signal to the dynamic range of the recording equipment you are using. CD player, tape deck, etc. Alternatively the line or tape output of a hi-fi amplifier with source selection switch could also be hooked up here, allowing you to easily listen to additional sources e.


Connect the inputs of a computer sound card or a recorder here. Control elements ub12022fx the main section Page: After switching on, wait approx. To correctly set the gains of the channels, first set the LEVEL controls of the input channels to their center positions. Then use the GAIN controls to increase the input amplification until signal peaks show 0 dB on the level meter.

While analog recorders can be overloaded to some extent, creating only a certain amount of distortion, digital recorders distort quickly when overloaded. In addition, digital distortion is not only undesirable, but also renders your recording completely useless.

When recording to an analog device, the VU meters of the recording machine should reach approx. Due to their inertia VU meters tend to display too low a signal level at frequencies above 1 kHz.

A recording level of ub1202gx dB is recommended for all signal types. A behringwr studio application of this function is recording music into a digital audio workstation DAW with simultaneous reproduction see ch. This effects processor offers a large number of standard effects such as Hall, Chorus, Flanger, Delay and various combination effects.

Using the FX control, you can feed signals into the effects processor. The integrated effects module has the advantage of requiring no wiring. This way, the danger of creating ground loops or uneven signal levels is eliminated at the outset, completely simplifying the handling. This LED should always be on.

If it is lit constantly, you are overdriving the effects processor, which leads to unpleasant distortion. If this occurs, turn bejringer FX controls down somewhat. The number of the preset you just dialed up blinks in the display. If the control is turned all the way counterclockwise, no effects signal is present in the sum signal of the mixing console.

The appendix contains an overview of all presets of the multi effects processor. The UBFX in a recording studio Even though most of the tasks in a studio can nowadays be accomplished using a computer, a mixing console remains an unavoidable piece of equipment that lets you effectively manage audio inputs and outputs: The extensively equipped main section of the UB mixing consoles provides concrete benefits to you.

Doing so, you can record additional tracks in addition to a signal already brought in so-called overdubs. Use the direct monitoring function of your DAW. Two vocal microphones and the line outputs of a guitar and a bass amplifier are connected to the mono channels of the UBFX.

A keyboard and a drum computer are connected to the stereo channels. A loud, unpleasant, even painful sound would result. Use the AC adapter supplied to connect the console to the mains. First connect the console to the power supply manuap, then connect the power supply unit to the mains.


This is completely normal. To do this, use either mono plugs or stereo plugs with the ring and sleeve bridged pins 1 and 3 in the case of XLR connectors. Stereo plug for headphones connection Page: Berhinger limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.