The quality specs and features of the ARRI ALEXA XT are almost too numerous to list easily but a few of the most crucial ones include. This range is upgraded versions of the original Alexa cameras, which The range accordingly comprises the Alexa, the Alexa XT, the. The ALEXA XT adds a number of improvements to the base model ALEXA: in- camera ARRIRAW recording, internal ND filtration, an Open Gate active sensor.

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ARRI has never been a company that gives into market pressure, and the fact that they have waited this long to finally release a camera you can buy the ALEXA 65 is rental only that can record a proper non-upscaled 4K or larger image is a testament to that.

ARRI aalexa always been about better pixels, not bigger pixels. ARRI has never chased resolution, they have always been about delivering the best possible pictures, but times have changed, and certain companies such as Netflix will only take content shot on a camera that is capable of recording a 4K image.

This frustrated some cinematographers who were forced to aleax other camera brands when they would have preferred to shoot on ALEXA. The ALEXA arir of cameras went on to become the defacto standard for high-end episodic TV, commercials and feature films across the world.

This oversampling has become commonplace amongst manufacturers who build sensors for digital cinema cameras. This capability is crucial so you can see what is going to come into frame. At the time this functionality was only available to optical viewfinders but was unheard of in any type of electronic viewfinder.

Unique for a digital sensor was the height of the ALEXA sensor, which allows a number of sensor modes only available in ALEXA cameras, including those needed for shooting with anamorphic lenses. The larger a photosite is, the more light it can capture and the lower the noise. The Dual Gain Architecture simultaneously provides two separate read-out paths from each pixel with different amplification. The first path contains the regular, highly amplified signal.

The second path contains a signal with lower amplification, to capture the information that is clipped in the first path. These images are then combined into a single bit high dynamic range image.


This method enhances low light performance and prevents the highlights from being clipped, thereby significantly extending the dynamic range of the image. Perhaps the biggest compliment the camera ever got was from Roger Deakins after he shot the James Bond film Skyfall. xg


This camera has brought us to a point where digital is simply better. The ALEXA system is based on an open architecture, with many industry-standard interfaces and compatibility with third-party products. This provides more choice to the filmmaker and, in combination with the range of upgrade options available, makes the system more future-proof.

Three major components were specially designed to allow an easy upgrade path. First, the Storage Interface Module is removable, in anticipation of different memory card standards becoming available. Finally, the Exchangeable Lens Mount allows the use of PL, Panavision and stills camera lenses, extending creative options still further.

They were released between and They have exceptional image performance and are simple to operate, reliable in the most extreme environments and versatile enough to cover a wide range of workflows and budgets. They will empower you to tell your story with pictures of breathtaking richness and detail.

In addition, they have a new viewfinder mounting bracket, include anamorphic de-squeeze and high speed licenses as well as a new, super silent fan. The XR Module is on the left side of the camera. It added an XR module, which replaced the SxS module.

A Review of the ARRI Alexa XT professional production camera

Further improvements included an internal ND filter unit, a 4: Equipped with the powerful electronics and sophisticated image processing from the ALEXA 65, SXT cameras can manage more recording formats and handle more processor-intensive tasks such as calculating looks with 3D LUTs or color space conversions to Recall in real time.

And last but not least, the new media bay can accept a wide range of media, as well as the new, high-performance SXR Capture Drives.

The SXR Module is on the left side of the camera. The camera features a sensor that is slightly larger than a 65mm 5-perf film frame and is comprised of three ALEXA sensors that are arranged vertically and seamlessly stitched together.

The ALEXA 65 has subsequently become the go-to large-format solution for high-end theatrical motion pictures. ARRI initially only built 30 cameras and due to the increased interest and high demand, they built another 40 cameras.


This brings the total up to alexz units worldwide. The ALEXA 65 has become so sought after that there is a long waiting list for xrri who wants rari use one. It has the same sensor as the other Alexa cameras but was a shrunken down version of the larger ALEXAs that was meant to be for drones, gimbals and crane use. It can also shoot at various resolutions, including 4: Argo Birdman Spotlight Moonlight Matthew Allard is a multi-award-winning, ACS accredited freelance Director of Photography with 28 years’ experience working in more than 47 countries around the world.


See all posts by Matthew Want more from Newsshooter? E-Mail Address Sign up to our weekly email and get our best bits straight to your inbox. Contrary to digital cinema beliefs. It the go alxa digital camera for commercial and small screen work. Nobody is saying the Alexa was the first digital cinema camera, but the Alexa was the first camera to convince a large proportion of cinematographers to make the switch.

Matthew, I did not state that the f35 was the first digital camera either. The F35 was used extensively on tv production sets and with classic such as Avatar aleza Star Wars ro name a few. It was still a favorite priduction camera even in the era of Reds. It was the only mis-step in a decade of dominance. The Alexa Classic is still being rented and used on all kinds of projects eight years later.

There are not many digital cameras that are still holding their own after all that timeā€¦. This Netflix 4k rule argument is kind of stupid. As far as I understand the Netflix rules depend on whether the show is a Netflix Original or a show that is made by someone else and then sold to Netflix. The proper 4K aquisition only applies to productions that Netflix create themselves. Authored by professional shooters from around the globe, Newsshooter is a place for professionals, educators, students and industry figures to discuss the practice and art of cinema in documenting the real world.

Visit website Twitter Facebook Facebook. He is the Editor of Newsshooter. See all posts by Matthew. Want more from Newsshooter? A super valuable and thorough write-up, thank you for sharing this overview.

Great write up and love the website. The F35 arei a commercial failure for Sony due to its high price tag. The rules for Netflix Originals are: Camera Requirements 4K Resolution: Most popular on Newsshooter Coolest Product Of was a busy year like every year for gear release A thank you note to our readers was a big year for Newsshooter, we reviewed numero Best Camera Accessory of was akexa busy year like every year for gear atri Best Audio Product Of was a busy year like every year for gear release About Newsshooter Authored by professional shooters from around the globe, Newsshooter is a place for professionals, educators, students and industry figures to discuss the practice and art of cinema in documenting the real world.

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