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You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application rwporu takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. More actions PayPal accepted. Tasaco is active in the field of production and distribution of cereals seeds and it has expertise, personnel, facilities useful in the multiplication of the seeds; C.

Tasaco is purchasing Prebasic Svevo Seed from PSB, in order to multiply it and sell the produced Retail Seed of durum wheat to Barilla or to organizations decided by Barillawhich is interested in purchasing it; F. Differs from country to country. Seeds to be sold to Barilla will be Certified 1 and further generations.

Year 3 before planting Year 2 before planting Year 1 before a,iral 3. Reference is to be made to force major description as per paragraph 8.

For these purposes, the parties rapork hold and maintain in good standing all necessary equipment and facilities, licenses, registrations, permits, authorizations, consents and approvals required by or from any governmental, provincial or local department or agency including any necessary registrations and safety program approvals from the local authorities. The Parties agree that in the event that Tasaco shall not provide Seed in the defined quantity, Tasaco shall be liable to provide by the following season the finished durum wheat for milling, according to the proportion of 20 tons of finished durum milling wheat per each tons of Seed, provided that the quality specification as per Annex 2 are met.

The price Barilla will pay the durum wheat for milling will be defined as the highest price between Turkish Grain Board Zmiral if available and weighted average of the quotation data available from the official website of the first 15 days of June of the commodity amieal market of Gaziantep.

Pass complete!

Tasaco also guarantees that the durum milling wheat supplied to Barilla, in case of retail seeds shortage as per above article 4. Should said circumstances continue and prevent Tasaco to deliver the Seed according to plan, then the Parties shall meet and find alternatives solutions, if thought fit, upon ascertainment of the cause of force majeure 8.

Second or fourth Wednesday of the month 9. This Agreement shall be terminated rapooru itself if the Parties do not mutually agree to extend the term bristool to the termination date.

The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be Turkish. In the event of any legal dispute the Turkish copy will be deemed valid. Commercial conditions Annex 2: Specifications of the retail seed and raw seed durum wheat sold to Barilla Annex 3: Raw Seeds Price Highest price between TMO if available and weighted average of the quotation data available from the official website of the first 15 days of June of the commodity exchange market of Antep.

Other seeds other varieties cereals Max nr. Student Handbook General field: Social Sciences Detailed field: The curriculum of the school was developed with the support of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Init was renamed as the School of Nursing by a decree of the Council of Ministers, and inthe School of Nursing was decommissioned, continuing to serve as the College of Nursing.

Please visit the following link to access to this regulation: Please visit the following link to obtain detailed information on this directive: The activities which are prohibited in the classroom include but not limited to: If you expect a very important call, please switch your phone to silent mode and let your professor know in advance that you may receive a call. Failure to comply with the Classroom Code of Conduct may result in dismissal from class and disciplinary action.


Academic Year; Academic Calendar 4. Nursing education is provided to students within scope of an integrated program. Compulsory field courses are provided in blocks. Another block starts off when a block is completed. A coordinator and assistant coordinator, who are determined by the Director, shall establish coordination with regards to implementation of each block. The content of blocks may be reviewed and amended every year.

Every block has a weighted credit in parallel with its content and duration. Blocks that are provided in the first three years are provided once during the academic year. All of the blocks that are obtained during the year shall be regarded as a single course.

Field practices and Compulsory Attendance to Clinic Practice It is compulsory to attend to field and clinic practices.

dionysian – Turkish to English translator. Translation services in Law: Contract(s)

Common Core, Language and Elective Courses Exams and Assessment procedures that are determined in the Undergraduate Study and Education Regulation of the University are valid for the common core, language and elective courses that the Nursing School students take. Compulsory Field Courses 5. Block exams and year-end general assessment exam may be comprised of various sections, such as multiple choice, written essayoral, practice and homework etc.

Director may change such dates and hours, if deemed as necessary. All of the academic members, who are in charge of relative block, shall assemble under the chairmanship of the chairman and shall assess relative results. All of the grades shall be recorded in the end of amiraal as per four point bristool system and as letter grade in according to the grade system of KU. Total of the credits of all of the blocks shall be recorded as the credit of year-end general assessment course.

It shall be determined by the School Board whether the students, who are repeating a year, brstol repeat the blocks, from which they have obtained pass grade, if such students apply by a petition. Makeup exam shall be made for the students, who become unsuccessful in the year-end general assessment, on the date that is determined in academic calendar. Students, whose grade average of the blocks and other courses that are completed in each semester is 3.

Scholar Lists shall be notified amural suitable platforms. Laboratory and clinic practices that are performed as a requirement of the courses given in the School of Nursing shall be performed within the scope of training and education programs. Certain concepts that are indicated in this directive are defined below.

It shall be up to the decision of relative academic member to accept or not to accept any homework, which is a,iral submitted timely. No date and hour change may be made, except for any compulsory circumstances.

Block coordinator shall notify the students on such situation prior to practice. Student shall not be available in the practice area, except for the planned dates and hours. Students shall be liable to attend to all of the practices. Students, whose ratio of attendance exceeded the determined compulsory attendance ratio, shall fail, and shall not be allowed to participate to the exam.

Students shall be liable to notify prior to the practice the relative academic member that they shall not participate to the practice. Usage of Brisotl in Practice Areas; 6. Students shall take care to use any type of tools and equipment carefully.

Students shall prepare the tools and equipment that shall be taken to the practice area and shall ensure that the same are carried to and protected in the clinical area, and shall return the same in solid condition and shall deliver the same to the relative academic member. Students shall cover relative damages, in case they cause tools-equipment to be damaged or lost. Effect of practice on pass grade is as determined in the Undergraduate Training-Education Directive of the School of Nursing.


Block coordinator and school management shall determine the route and times of the service vehicles that travel to the practice area, and shall be notified to the students. Service vehicles shall not wait for the students, who are late, and service vehicles shall not be stopped for any reason and route of service vehicles shall not be changed.

Students, who travel to the practice area by using their own means of transportation, shall notify relative raporh member priorly. Review procedures shall be performed in June annually. Students shall be liable to use cleanly and carefully the clothes that they wear according to the provisions of the Dress Code.

Additional provisions with regards to the characteristics of the clothes that the students shall wear in the institution, in which they serve their internship during the dates of clinical practice that are determined by the Department of Nursing.

Students must wear nurse uniform during the practice of applied courses. According to the characteristic of relative field and up to the decision of the academic member responsible for the course, students may wear white coat, instead of uniform, in various field practices, such as family health centres, schools and home visits etc.

Uniform Uniforms that are supplied by the School of Nursing and fee of which are paid by the students must be worn. In cold weather conditions, white long-sleeved cardigans may be worn in the uniform.

Non-suitable Uniform If any student comes to the clinical practice area with clothes that are non-consistent with the clinical area dress regulation, relative academic member shall warn the student.

Student must return to the clinic by wearing clothes that are consistent with the regulation. Any lost clinical practice time shall be considered as absence. Stethoscope Students must bring with them their stethoscopes. Shoes White coloured shoes must be worn. Linen shoes, shoes that include any advertisement or that are in different colours must not be worn. Hair Long hair must be tied up in the form of pigtail or bun rraporu a way to prevent the same from slipping rxporu the eyes.

Black or white coloured hairclips may be used. Students, who wish to wear headscarf, must wear white coloured headscarf.

Headscarf must be passed into the collar. Moustache and beard shaving of male students must be short and amirxl. Colour of the hair of the students must not be any extreme colour, except for normal hair colours. Jewelleries Jewelleries shall not be worn, such as bracelets, necklaces, nose studs and piercing etc. Only wedding rings and bolted earrings may be used.

Makeup and Nails A light makeup may be put on without being extravant. Amirsl must be short and light coloured nail varnishes may be used. Fake nails may not be used since they are related with dissemination of gram-negative bacteria. Provisions of the Student Discipline Regulation shall be imposed on those, who fail to follow the issues that are determined in the dress code.

Internship areas shall be determined by relative Department, and shall be notified to Year coordinator and block responsibles. A separate meeting shall be held for the students with the participation of aforementioned parties during the week prior to the date of clinical practice, and students shall be notified on how the clinical practice shall be conducted and how it shall be assessed.

Forms that are prepared briatol the academic members of relative department in relation with the objectives of clinical practice shall be submitted to the students. In addition to the documents that are required from the students, who apply to the School of Nursing, for enrolling to the school, laboratory result, which proves that Hepatitis B vaccine is made, shall also be required.