All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this manual may be reproduced or This manual is available through Aldelo, LP and resellers worldwide. Please. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permissions of the publisher.

This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc.

For further information about other languages that the manual may be translated in, please contact Aldelo Systems Inc. Send comments about this manual to contact aldelo. Other products or company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners. The example companies, organizations, products, logos, people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious.

No association with any real company, organization, product, logo, person, manua, or event is intended or should be inferred. Overview of Aldelo EDC Step by Step Installation Using mnual Integrated Mode Simplified, reliable, and secured credit card payment acceptance can significantly enhance quality of service. Customer satisfaction and cardholder data security goes hand in hand with each other.

Aldelo EDC enables merchants achieve simplified, reliable, and secured payment acceptance. It helps to enhance quality of service, and achieve payment card industry PCI security compliancy. Merchants all over the country have discovered the benefits of Aldelo EDC payment processing solution.

Aldelo EDC User Manual |

We are excited that you have selected Aldelo EDC as your payment processing solution of choice. This User Manual is created to help you understand the ins and outs of our payment processing software. By the time you finish reading this manual, you will be able to install, setup, operate, and troubleshoot Aldelo EDC like a pro.

Aldelo EDC contains core features to enable merchants accept credit cards fast and efficient. Such core features include credit card sale, pre-auth, tip adjust, post-auth, return, void, voice capture, duplicate override, AVS verification, CVV mankal, Level II transactions, review current batch, close current batch, auto batch closure, reporting and more.

The security and encryption features built into Aldelo EDC are second to none. All transactions and user activities are logged for audit trail purposes, and all cardholder data are stored in AES encrypted state and cleared after batch close. There is even auto healing capability for critical transactional data in case of system corruptions. On top of all these built-in application level securities, Aldelo EDC also uses Microsoft SQL Server as the back end data store for maximum reliability and scalability.

The Server component supports both Intranet and Extranet Internet deployment. Additionally, the Server component also supports Secured Socket Layer SSL to secure all data transport within unsecured public or wireless networks.

The Client side of Aldelo EDC is a Windows client application used for setup, testing, batching, reporting, manual payment transactions, and other tasks. This Client component communicates with the Server component to execute server based payment processing actions. Aldelo EDC is designed to function either stand alone or integrated with external business software such as a point of sale solution.

When used as a stand alone credit card payment terminal, Aldelo EDC helps you avoid monthly hardware payment terminal rental charges. When used under integrated environments, Aldelo EDC eliminates double entry and promotes better user productivity and performance. Seamless integration by third party solutions to Aldelo EDC is a breeze. Since the core payment engine is a set of ASP. NET Web Service methods, any solution whether windows application or web solution that can consume web service may take advantage of this.

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All response messages are returned from web service in the form of XML for simple and quick parsing. Overall, Aldelo EDC is a simple to use, reliable, secure, and scalable credit card payment processing solution for any merchants who wish to accept credit cards.

Traditionally, merchants process credit card transactions via specialized hardware payment terminals such as Nurit or Verifone. In recent years, a new breed of payment acceptance technologies has emerged. These are software based credit card processing solutions designed to save merchants equipment cost, and offer much more flexibility and functionality. This is very similar to the evolution of cash registers into full fledged computerized POS software solutions.

This is to utilize affordable broadband Internet, such as DSL or Cable, to achieve super fast authorization and settlement. More over, software based credit card solutions has the ability to be fully integrated into computerized POS solutions in order to reduce double entry and increase user productivity. Clearly, software based credit card processing solutions will eventually take over as the primary choice in payment processing as more and more merchants adopt computerized POS solutions for their businesses.

There are numerous software based payment solutions in the market and most will fall under one of the two categories. Both offer advantages when it comes to payment processing. The Store Deployed Payment Middleware solutions are PC based credit card processing software that may operate in stand alone mode or be part of an integrated solution.

Software such as Aldelo EDC belongs to this category. The advantages of Store Deployed Payment Middleware are ease of deployment, multiple processor choices, and ease of troubleshooting by isolating problems within the store for faster problem resolution. Merchants usually do not integrate directly to the Internet Payment Gateways since it is the responsibility of the client payment solution. The main advantages of Internet Payment Gateways for merchants are more value added services and possibly better competitive rates.

The disadvantage of course is that the choices are limited if a payment solution integrates to only one processing platform.

Merchants who use Aldelo EDC enjoy the benefits of processor choices, super fast transaction processing, security compliancy, ease of troubleshooting, and much more.

WavePOS for Aldelo Installation and Setup Guide

Aldelo EDC also stands out in term of the extensive built-in security features, simple integration, reliable transaction processing and storage, as well as easy to understand reports. Merchants who use Aldelo EDC enjoy wldelo peace of mind in the complex world of payment processing. Aldelo For Restaurants will have certain payment processing features enabled only when integrated with Aldelo EDC, and Aldelo Technical Staff are trained to provide assistance on both solutions within the same call.

Integrated Merchants are those merchants who need to process credit card transactions via an manuql environment. Under the integrated environments, all primary payment activities are originated from the integrated POS solution. The Aldelo EDC client application is used mainly for setup, administration, batching, and reporting purposes. Stand Alone Merchants are those merchants that may wish to process credit cards in stand alone environments such as doctor offices, reservation desks, service departments and other businesses that traditionally do not use a POS solution for integrated payment processing.

Maunal the stand alone environments, all primary payment activities are originated from the Aldelo EDC client application.

Each merchant service provider is certified with our payment solution to ensure proper account setup and integration. For a current list of available certified merchant service provider, please contact our sales office for details. What Do I Need Before I Proceed In order to setup payment processing for your business, please follow the action items listed below in sequence. Ensure You Have a PC meeting minimum base line qualifications Decide on a certified merchant service provider supported by Aldelo EDC Sign up with the merchant service provider selected in step 2 above, and retrieve account credentials Review deployment strategy, perform installation and setup, and conduct test transactions The rest of this User Manual will discuss the above steps in greater detail.


Be sure to review this entire manual before attempting to deploy Aldelo EDC solution. Our technical support staff is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist you.

The goal is to ensure that installers and administrators are fully aware of how various technologies fit together, and how Aldelo EDC makes use of all these technologies in a transparent and hands free manner to promote ease of use. Next, this chapter moves on to system requirements analysis and planning details.

We use this section to discuss the various scenarios you may encounter when deploying Aldelo EDC. This section also serves as a great reference advisor when performing the first install.

NET Framework is a managed environment for the next generation of applications running on Microsoft Windows platforms. Aldelo EDC is built entirely on. NET Framework for both the server and client components. There are currently five. You should be able to install these frameworks on the same system at the same time.

It is also important to keep up with latest. NET Framework service updates from time to time. As an installer, administrator, or user of Aldelo EDC, you do not need to understand the inner workings of. The only subject of interest is to ensure that. NET Framework is installed in the supported Windows operating system. All of the payment processing and utility methods are encapsulated into a web service called EDC.

NET Web Service architecture allows better scalability and performance. The only subject of interest is to ensure that IIS is already installed in the supported Windows operating system before attempting to install Aldelo EDC. All information packets and data storage units are based on XML formats for simpler parsing. If you are a third party solution integrator, then XML will be of an interest since all transaction response messages are delivered in XML formats.

To discuss third party integration needs, please contact our technical support department for details. This email notification feature is very useful for being alerted of key events such as errors, warnings or successes. Please contact your local ISP or network administrator for more details. The setup of SMTP notification is optional. The default settings of IIS during installation will be acceptable for most customers.

You may consult with your network administrator to properly configure and setup SSL if your deployment requires it. The inner workings are automatically handled by Aldelo EDC.

Your Business Doesn’t Have a Pause Button

Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise level database management system alxelo delivers maximum data consistency, security, performance, and reliability. This database does not store cardholder information beyond current batch.

When cardholder information is stored temporarily, such information are stored in AES encrypted state for maximum security. If a merchant already has SQL Serverand wish to use the existing instance, then merchant may use the existing instance.

The goal of OPOS is to enable a common interface integration that works with multiple pieces of hardware without rewrites. NET described next for printing needs within the client application. OPOS driver installation and configuration is not required unless you are using Aldelo EDC in stand alone mode and require receipt printing.