atau cadangan yang berhubungan dengan peruntukan itu; (ba) peruntukan Akta Perkhidmatan Pembetungan ; 38 (bb) laporan cadangan pemajuan;. Akta Bekalan Elektrik (Akta ). • Akta Perkhidmatan Pembentungan (Akta ). 6. Housing. • Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan dan Kemudahan. Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembentungan (Sewerage Services Department) Ministry of Akta Perkhidmatan Pembetungan (Act ) Act Suruhanjaya.

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Increase the life quality and the surrounding through effective and efficient management on water services and sewage services. This attitude is to make the task done is done with an excellent result. Meanwhile the elected member are excellent in their own portfolio which each self were from the professional field from various discipline involving the technical field, public administration, accounting, legislation, consumerisation, and research. Part II consist section 4 until 28 which clarify the need for the license.

The pumps need to be capable to pump the water at peak demand rates rather than at the average daily demand rate Help Center Find new research papers in: Ridhuan Ismail said that the treatment sewage plant are planned according to the past plan with the 3, P.



In this case, SPAN is the coordination of all the water management course and regulations; the policy used by SPAN enable the smaller unit perkhicmatan the local governance to take a better and organized action in keeping the water quality on its excellent level. This is because, the community in a nation is a developer and consumer, hence the polluter, which is eventually became the social cause of pollution for the water system.

The importance water management can be mentioned that it crucial in reforming and controlling the regulation and use of water resources for the public, and industrial used. Akta Perkhidmatan PembetunganAkta Other than that, there is a serious case happen when an oil tank lorry got an accident causing the clean water source affected.

Commitment for the professionalism means that every task done is proof-based job. Monitor the safe atmosphere and the security of the water services and sewage services. Other than that, the SPAN has a plan on increasing the plumbers quality service by providing a technical approach and expose the plumbers on the technical approach on how a plumbing work done in a proper way Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.


To carry out any function conferred upon it akts any other law. Don’t have an account? As the SPAN national objective, they also facing some problem which relating the lack of coordination of the involve authority, ineffective monitor and regulation structure, weak implementation, limited fund source and the different achievement level by the project of water service by the private sector.

Sonny Cheah Lai Shin Y. Zaino Omar Chairman Y. SPAN also had made an akat on restrain the misuse of the water, and using of water illegally Meanwhile the tertiary treatment generally more chemically based processes and is usually preceded by primary and secondary treatment.

Monitor the tariff and making sure the service availability are on the satisfactory level on the equity fundamental.

Akta Kerajaan Tempatan – Akta | PDF Flipbook

Part V consist section 68 pembentumgan 83 which exert clarification regarding consumer protection aspect, conflict solution and investigation. SPAN has approved applicants in The development of the infrastructure is based on the requirement, value creation and cost effectiveness. It also remarks the beginning of the road towards success for SPAN in increasing the water service industry and the sewage system. Please enter your name.

On top of that, the effectiveness of the SPAN in managing water resources can be seen on the field. Part VI which consist section 84 until 90 stating about rate, charge, and deposit. The SPAN Act obviously ensures SPAN existence is to monitor and regulate the water industry service also implement the laws regarding the water and sewage industry service.

Akta Kerajaan Tempatan 1976 – Akta 171

Thus, the challenge face by SPAN is to make sure a structure for the new industry through realization perkhkdmatan able to provide a holistic approach in the term of water service industry management also able to fulfilled these following aspiration; 1. It mean that, the domestic and non-domestic consumption are increasing, thus SPAN need to take action on the water connection to provide the need of the consumer domestically, or non-domestically.

To formulate and implement a plan so that all reasonable demands for sewerage services are satisfied and in consultation with the relevant authorities, prepare a sewerage catchment plan formulating the policy and general proposals in respect of the development of any new sewerage system and measures for improvement of any existing sewerage system. However, any subsidiary laws that made under the Act, which is consistent with the IPA Act still be ongoing until it been terminated or replaced with other subsidiary laws which legislate under the IPA Act.


In this case, these three dimensional aspects are well connected with each other and can become the indicator of the effectiveness for the water management by the SPAN. Within the politics dimension, it involved the policy whether perkhidmata is the SPAN policy, national policy and Local policy.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The Journal of Environmental Sciences Sept.

Other than that, to see the effectiveness of perkhismatan water management based on the dimension of pembentumgan is lies on the second objective which is to uphold regulatory function via licensing. Appropriation of the framework is as follows; 1. The name field is required. Part VIII consist section until exert explanation regarding the exchange of ownership of business by the license holder.

Also, to assure that the delivery of public water supply and sewage services at a fair price is efficient, transparent and reliable.

Please enter the message. Similar Items Related Subjects: This will enable a strong and solid foundation ensuring that the new industry structure will become more sustainable compared to the existing fragmented structure while encouraging effectiveness and efficiency.

According to the Executive Director, Mohd. In there were 5, pembentungah including 78 regional plants and 2, private sewage treatment plants as well as 1, individual septic tanks, 4, communal septic tanks andpour flush To implement perkhidmatzn enforce the water supply and sewerage services laws and to consider and recommend reforms to the water supply and sewerage services laws.

Meanwhile, the partnership commitment is just based on respect that each and every worker got based on their professionalism and competency also committed to solidify and to enhance the collaboration; to support the firm development for the water service industry and sewage system. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format.

The first task for the SPAN is to search competent and reliable task force and to form an organization.