dbx is a tool for source-level debugging and execution of programs. It allows you to determine the exact statement that caused a core dump, or to monitor the. A Short User Manual for dbx. “dbx” is the name of the debugger that is available for use on many Unix systems. This document is intended to list the most. There is a fancier X-windows interface for AIX, invoked with the command xde, The dbx debugger is able to track the execution of your program line-by-line in the first at the file containing the main program and is waiting for instructions.

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This value is the default. This attribute controls scheduling policy, and can be fiforr round robinor other.

The dbx debugger

The debug information is read from this alternate object file or the. Unless -r is specified, the dbx command prompts the user and waits for a command. When a thread-level and a process-level breakpoint are hit at the same time, both the breakpoints are processed and the thread-level breakpoint is qix.

The tracei subcommand is designed to trace addresses. If no arguments are specified, the current list of signals to be caught is displayed. If ajx thread subcommand is th -then the information displayed is in the second format.

The dump subcommand displays the names and values of all variables in the specified procedure or those variables that match with the specified pattern. The edit subcommand starts an editor on the specified file. Item Description default Varies with the current language.


The print subcommand does either of the following operations:. Prints a double-precision real number. In a multithreaded application program, all user threads are halted when any user thread hits a breakpoint.

Analyzing core Dumps with the dbx Command in AIX

Specify the number of instructions to be executed in the Number parameter. The if Condition flag is included, and the Condition is true. For each attributes object listed, the following information is displayed:. See manjal clear subcommand, the delete subcommand, and Setting and Deleting Breakpoints in in General Programming Concepts: The prompt subcommand changes the dbx command prompt to the string specified by the String parameter.

Sets a thread-level hardware watchpoint trace.

The directory the source file was located in when it was compiled. Displays threads which are in the wait state. Continue running a program until a return is reached run subcommand for dbx: Delete a variable up subcommand for dbx: The default is the sh shell. The following list contains possible values for the Manuak parameter: It then checks for a. Indicates the priority of the userl thread. Indicates whether the user dbxx has been held.

Tutorial on dbx (AIX system, like cernsp)

Runs the object file immediately. You can use the thdata subcommand in the following ways. Prints a long word in decimal. This value can be run, wait, susp, or zomb, for running, waiting, suspended, or zombie.

The which subcommand displays the full qualification of the identifier. Displays the full qualification of the cbx identifier. Threads can be held using the hold flag, or released using the unhold flag. See the gotoi subcommand, tnexti subcommand, and the tstep subcommand. The set subcommand defines a value for the dbx debug program variable.


Displays threads which are in the run state. The resource subcommand manuap only useful for debugging processes that run with several debugging environmental variables set to ON.

The move subcommand changes the next line to be displayed to the line specified by the SourceLine parameter. Item Description read Displays dbbx about all rwlocks whose status is in read mode. Thread-level breakpoints can be set on system scope threads only. The numbering of the stack frame starts from the currently active function stack frame which is always numbered 0. Specifies the loaded module to be monitored. The following list contains possible values for the Format argument: If the RwlockNumber parameter is given, the rwlock subcommand displays information about the specified rwlocks.

A normal event displayed in square mnual [] is also converted into a deferred event whenever the corresponding module is unloaded. Specifies the raw output mode, which consists of a single unformatted line for each module containing the following space-separated fields: Redirects output aic File.

Searches forward in the current source file for a pattern. The Number parameter specifies the number of times the nexti subcommand runs.