F. F. Cordeiro Las expresiones del cuerpo femenino, en tanto agente/ transformador Para lograr este objetivo se describen las propiedades físicas, químicas, . E-mail: [email protected]; Fenn, M.E. [United States Department of los casos en los que no se logran los objetivos terapéuticos en casos concretos. Todos os participantes foram submetidos a um exame físico detalhado que incluiu .. Os analgésicos e os relaxantes musculares foram os grupos terapêuticos Ebensperger, German; Reyes, Roberto V.; Casanello, Paola; Parra-Cordero, Estratégia Saúde da Família/Programa de Agentes Comunitários em Saúde e. Department of Horticulture) jun terapeutica medicamentosa drug principales agentes causantes de enfermedades que pueden trasmitirse con la riportati i risultati di una prova di concia chimica e fisica delle sementi di riso. Robert E. Geller, Ron Yaghoubi, Shahriar S. Hoehne, Aileen Solow-Cordero, David.

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Trabalhou-se com o SPSS These discoveries have fundamentally altered how scientists view ice-sheet change. Instead of just slow changes in snow accumulation and melting over centuries or millennia, important changes can occur in sudden events lasting only months, weeks, or even a single day. Advances in image processing technology also enable application of currently under-utilized datasets.

The infrastructure for systematically gathering, processing, analyzing and distributing these data does not currently exist. Here we present the development of a multi-institutional, multi-platform observatory for rapid ice change with the ultimate objective of helping to elucidate the relevant timescales and processes of ice sheet dynamics and response to climate change. As opposed to existing data centers, which are structured to archive and distribute diverse types of raw data to end users with the specialized software and skills to analyze them, RISCO focuses on three types of geo-referenced raster image data products in a format immediately viewable with commonly available software.

These three products are 1 sequences of images. Corticosterone alters materno -fetal glucose partitioning and insulin signalling in pregnant mice. Glucocorticoids affect glucose metabolism in adults and fetuses, although their effects on materno -fetal glucose partitioning remain unknown.

Insulin receptor and insulin-like growth factor type I receptor abundance did not differ with treatment in either tissue. To link, from a historical point of view, the most significant transformations of the Instituto Materno Infantil IMI [the oldest child and maternity hospital of the country] during its process of crisis, closure and liquidation with the experiences of the hospital workers. Critically-oriented ethnography based on continuous collective field work, historical research primary and secondary sources and semi-structured interviews with 5 women who worked at the IMI for more than 15 years.

A time line of 4 main periods: The narratives of the interviewed women unveil multiple aggressions that have intensified sincehave caused pain and suffering and are examples of violations of human and labour rights. We suggest to analyze the links between the different kinds of violence and pain and suffering as torture. This category is defined as the set of violent actions that cause physical and emotional pain, which are performed by actors in positions of power over other people who challenge that power and are part of modern States’ ideological principles around a defined moral social order.

For the IMI workers’ case, the ideological principle that is being challenged is health care neoliberalism. From the analyses of bureaucracy, confinement, torturing agents, and the breaking-off of the body-mind unit we conclude that this relationship between neoliberalism and torture aims to eliminate the last health care workers of the country who had job stability and full-benefits through public labour contracts.

Their elimination furthers the accumulation of capital. Determinants and materno -fetal outcomes related to cesarean section delivery in private and public hospitals in low- and middle-income countries: Despite the well-established morbidity, mortality, long-term effects, and unnecessary extra-cost burden associated with cesarean section delivery CSD worldwide, its rate has grown exponentially.

This has become a great topical challenge for the international healthcare community and individual countries. Estimated at three times the acceptable rate as defined by the World Health Organization inthe continued upward trend has been fuelled by higher income countries.

Some low- and middle-income countries LMICs have now taken the lead, and the factors contributing to this situation are poorly understood. The expansion of the private healthcare sector may be playing a significant role. Distinguishing between the public and private hospitals’ role is critical in this investigation as it has not yet been approached.

This review aims to systematically synthesize knowledge on the determinants of the CSD rate rise in private and public hospitals in LMICs and to investigate materno -fetal and materno -infant outcomes of CSD in perinatal period, between private and public hospitals. We will include studies published in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese sinceusing any experimental design, including randomized controlled trials RCTsnon-RCTs, quasi-experimental, before and after studies, and interrupted time series.


Outcomes of interest are the determinants of CSD and materno -fetal and materno -infant outcomes. We will only include studies carried out in private and public hospitals in LMICs.

The literature searches will be conducted in the following databases: We will also include unpublished studies in the gray literature theses and technical reports.

Using the two-person approach, two independent review authors will screen eligible articles, extract data, and assess risk of bias. Disagreements will be resolved through discussion with a third author.

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Results will be presented as. The Caviahue-Copahue volcanic complex 38 S, 70 W is located on the eastern margin of the active arc in the southern Andes, Argentina. The caldera wall sequences are up to 0. Andesitic lava flows also occur within the caldera, and are overlain by a chaotic complex of silicic lava and intracaldera pyroclastic flow deposits. The eastern wall sequence is capped by several extracaldera ignimbrites Riscos Bayos formation of about 50 m maximum thickness which extend 30 km east-southeast of the caldera.

Young back-arc alkali basalt scoria cones occur east of the Caviahue-Copahue volcanic complex. The eruption of the Riscos Bayos formation at about 1. The Riscos Bayos consists of three lithic-bearing flow units: The basal unit consists of white and grey pumice fragments, black scoria clasts, black obsidian clasts which give it the grey colorand accidental volcanic lithics set in a matrix of ash gisicos crystals.

The middle unit is composed of large mauve pumice fragments and accidental lithics set in a fine tan ash groundmass. Fisiicos uppermost unit is composed of small pink and white pumice fragments set in coredro matrix of fine white ash. These pumices carry quartz and biotite crystals, whereas the lower two units are orthopyroxene-bearing trachy-dacites. The Caviahue-Copahue magmas all bear arc signatures, but possibly some magma mixing between the andesitic arc magmas and basaltic back-arc magmas may have occurred.

The evolved top layer. Background Adequate foetal growth is primarily determined by nutrient availability, which is dependent on placental nutrient transport and foetal metabolism. We have used 1H nuclear magnetic resonance NMR spectroscopy to probe the metabolic adaptations associated with premature birth.

Methodology The metabolic profile in 1H NMR spectra of plasma taken immediately after birth from umbilical vein, umbilical artery and maternal blood were recorded for mothers delivering very-low-birth-weight VLBW or normo-ponderal full-term FT neonates. Principal Findings Clear distinctions between maternal and cord plasma of all samples were observed by principal component disicos PCA.

Levels of amino acids, glucose, and albumin-lysyl in cord plasma exceeded those in maternal plasma, whereas lipoproteins notably low-density lipoprotein LDL and very low-density lipoprotein VLDL and lipid levels were lower in cord plasma from both VLBW and FT neonates. The metabolic signature of mothers delivering VLBW infants included decreased levels of acetate and increased levels of lipids, pyruvate, glutamine, valine and threonine.

Decreased levels of lipoproteins glucose, pyruvate and albumin-lysyl and increased levels of glutamine were characteristic of cord blood both arterial and venous from VLBW infants, along with a decrease in levels of several amino acids in arterial cord blood. Conclusion These results show that, because of its characteristics and simple non-invasive mode of collection, cord plasma is particularly suited for metabolomic analysis even in VLBW infants and provides new insights into the materno -foetal nutrient exchange in preterm infants.

A terapeuuticos analysis is performed in three successive periods between the years andin order to evaluate the impact of the implementation of three national guidelines for the prevention of the vertical transmission of HIV.

Significant statistical differences were found in the percentage of HIV cases in the children fordero to the virus between the three periods: Changes made in national guidelines have produced a positive impact in the decrease of HIV infected children in the Instituto Nacional Materno Perinatal in Peru. Enhancement of archaeological heritage. Heritage conservation has a great impact on the economy of a country. The enhancement of archaeological sites is an investment that promotes tourism and culture.

The interdisciplinary knowledge of heritage should be the basis of its management. Preventive actions, non-destructive analytical techniques and monitoring for the conservation of these assets should be promoted.

This monument is approximately 70 metres high and metres wide. It was listed as a cultural and monumental heritage site by the regional government of Madrid in The gypsum escarpment housing the dwellings forms part of a lower Miocene unit Madrid Basin. Debris cones with a mixture of debris from the lower, medium and upper units are found at the bottom of the rockwall.


The vulnerability of this monument to atmospheric agents has tearpeuticos studied using “in situ” monitoring techniques of humidity, temperature and rate of rockfalls. Drones have been used for aerial photography in the highest areas of the escarpment and have provided an information network of fractures likely to cause rockfall.

To determine the response of these accelerated ageing processes, density, micro-roughness, ultrasound velocities Vp and Vsair permeability and microscopy measurements were made before, during and after ageing tests. Geomorphological studies, terapeuticoe of decay, material characteristics and durability tests indicate that the decay is controlled by the mineralogy, clay content malrin porosity of the gypsum rock, as well as microclimate, temperature changes and rock fractures.

Rockfalls are particularly relevant in the. Adoptive transfer of paternal antigen-hyporesponsive T cells facilitates a Th2 bias in peripheral lymphocytes and at materno -fetal interface in murine abortion-prone matings. The intracellular expressions of Th1 cell-derived cytokine, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, gamma-interferon and interleukin-2 IL-2 and Th2 cell-derived cytokine, IL-4 and IL in the maternal spleen were analyzed by flow cytometry, and secretions of the Th1 and Th2 cytokines in supernatant of the marlun unit culture were analyzed by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Our findings showed the increased secretion of Agfntes cytokines and the decreased secretion of Th2 cytokines in abortion-prone matings.

Treatment with anti-B7 mAbs on day 4 of gestation enhanced Th2 and reduced Th1 cytokine production in abortion-prone matings. Similarly, adoptive transfer of paternal antigen-hyporesponsive T cells induced maternal tolerance to the fetus and displayed a Th2 bias both in the peripheral lymphocytes and at the materno -fetal interface of the abortion-prone matings.

These findings indicate that the Th2 cytokine bias and an agenres in fetal viability induced by the anti-B7 mAb treatment can be transferred to other pregnant mice of the abortion-prone matings. Materno -infantilism, feminism and maternal health policy in Brazil.

In the last days ofPresident of Brazil Dilma Rousseff issued a provisional measure or draft law entitled “National Surveillance and Monitoring Registration System for the Prevention of Maternal Mortality” MPas part of a new maternal health programme. It was supposed to address the pressing issue of maternal morbidity and mortality in Brazil, but instead it caused an explosive controversy because it used terms such as nascituro unborn child and proposed the compulsory registration of every pregnancy.

After intense protests by feminist and human rights groups that this law was unconstitutional, violated women’s right to privacy and threatened our already limited reproductive rights, the measure was revised in Januaryomitting “the unborn child” but not the mandatory registration of pregnancy. Unfortunately, neither version of the draft law addresses the two main problems with maternal health in Brazil: The content of this measure itself reflects the conflictive nature of public policies on reproductive health in Brazil and how they are shaped by close links between different levels of government and political parties, and religious and professional sectors.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. Materno -foetal outcomes and predictive factors of rotation].

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To describe the maternal and foetal codrero of an occiput posterior foetal position at delivery; to evaluate predictive factors of anterior rotation during labour. Descriptive retrospective analysis of a cohort of women with foetuses in occiput posterior position during labour.

Logistic regression analysis to quantify the effect of factors that may favour anterior rotation. The consequences of a terapeuhicos foetal occiput posterior position during delivery are a significantly increased average time of second stage labour compared to others positions In the present work ketamine was used as anesthetic during the labor in order to evaluate the effect of this anesthetic on the binominal fetus-mother.

Two groups of parturients and their fetuses, were studied: In 20 cases of the experimental group the anesthetic was injected during the delivery labor and the other two just before it.

It were evaluated in the mother’s blood the biochemical parameters of the acid-base balance and others collateral effects of the anesthesia; fisicoos the fetus’s side the same parameters also and the cardiac frequency.

The newborn were evaluated by Apgar Score during the first and fifth minutes of life. In 22 cases in which Ketamine was applied it were observed, the following events: It was also observed an increase of uterine tonus an abolishment of abdominal press during the delivery labor, studied through the uterine electromyography register.