The African Origin of Civilization has ratings and 48 reviews. Zanna said: Soundtrack to this review – please listen:)The Ancient Egyptians, th. Cheikh Anta Diop was a great Senegalese historian, anthropologist, philosopher, physicist and politician. He should be considered as one of. Get this from a library! The African origin of civilization: myth or reality. [Cheikh Anta Diop] — From the Publisher: Edited and translated by Mercer Cook. Laymen .

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I have read this book four times and each time I breathe a breath of fresh air. Diop books was used in a class in America. Hence such designations as ‘Hamite’ ‘Nilotic’ and atna on, proliferate as the white Egyptologists scramble to avoid the belief that the despised and enslaved Negro could be the antecedent and teacher of European culture.

Cheikh Anta Diop and the African Origin of Civilization | African Heritage

Their gods Osiris and Isis were depicted as black. Firstly, this is insulting. From the time he published his thesis inhe has consistently challenged western ideas on Africa and its relationship to Ancient Egypt.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here These people whom ask me such shallow questions want and te This book should be required reading for all adults and children.

The author argues that the ancient Egyptians Anu were Negroes.

Before Cheikh Anta Diop, the world, and Africans in particular, had been taught that Africa was nothing, and that Egypt and Egyptians were not Africans… doop the great Egyptian civilization which gave so much to the world, could not have come from the dark brown Africans.

The main thesis of “The African Origin of Civilization: Mainstream Egyptologists such as F. Definitely a must read for anyone interested in African History.


I said the Egyptians were Black, as in, you know, like Oprah. Feb 22, Lynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Diop presents very impressive arguments and analysis in support of the “monogenetic” thesis of humanity, meaning that all races are descended from the Black race.

Civilizatio more convincing reason was that ancient Egyptians as well as ancient writers in general believed that it did. The country was never a slave economy — numbers were small or brought into the royal harem.

The reasons why Europeans antaa to nurture notions of Ancient Egypt springing from black Africa appear to be intrinsically racist – they wanted to believe as though blacks lacked the ability to form a civilization as advanced as Ancient Egypt on their own.

It is a definitive work without a doubt Highly recommended reading. As Leena Abiballa a Sudanese writer explains in this article Too Black to be Arab, too Arab to be Black “race is a Western fantasy maintained by a daily, violent socio-political choreography.

In this book, Diop has challenged the western intellectual tradition.

Jan 02, Jerry rated it really liked it Shelves: Now in its 30th printing, this classic presents historical, archaeological, and anthropological evidence to support the cifilization that ancient Egypt was a black civilization. This doesn’t mean all Egyptians were exclusively African in origin or that any modern people has a direct tie or claim to this ancient one.

The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Dr. It is facts such as this that causes many euro-centric scholars to “drift into abstractions”. The Phoenicians and the elite of Carthage were also Negroes. I’d like to say that this debate cheioh since been settled, but given the number of movies who cast white actors and actresses to play ancient Egyptians and the number of books that depict them with light skin, this is an ongoing battle.


If you’re up for the origih hopefully you will be because it’s SO worth the effort–this proves an astounding scholarly work deserving of mass attention. To ask other africzn questions about The African Origin of Civilizationplease sign up.

That’s why whites are cast as Egyptians in movies etc.

One must struggle through sometimes dense, antx and complex scholarly jargon translated from the original French. The next reply was ‘I don’t think we should assign race to them, I never thought about it’ That is ‘colourblindness’ or raceblindness, which is really racism-blindness, isn’t it?

In fact, Egyptology up to had been part and parcel of the ideology of scientific racism. He proved that archaeological and anthropological evidence supported his view Cheikh Anta Diop was an Afrocentric historian, anthropologist, physicist and politician who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture.

This highly technical and scholarly book is fast becoming a classic in the study of ancient African history. I did not know that one of Dr. At first it’s not clear why Diop is addressing some topics because the book doesn’t clearly layout the prevailing thoughts on the origins of Kemet.

A very important book on qfrican subject. Sorry it took so long to read. Diop describes the response to this fact by his Eurocentric critics: Bounteous nature was unsurprisingly revered. While I was reading this, I asked some folks this question: