Get all the details on side effects, ingredients & ABGymnic gel. But be cautious and read ALL of the instructions carefully and follow them to a. Need ABGymnic Belt Instructions – ColorApples ABGymnic Electronic Waist question. Browse ColorApples ABGymnic Electronic Waist Exerciser Belt owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn.

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The innovative Electronic-exercise system specifically designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and body building. There are three control buttons on the unit and a safety timer that switches the unit off automatically after the unit has been used for 10 minutes.

MODE Turns the unit on and increases the intensity of impulses. Each pressing of the button results to a one-step increase of intensity level, which consists of a total of 10 levels. The higher the intensity, the higher the contraction.

Push this button ten times to reach maximum intensity and contraction. Turns the unit off and decreases the intensity of impulses.

ABGymnic Review (UPDATE: ) | 6 Things You Need to Know

Each pressing of the button results to one-step decrees of intensity level. This button is used to select one of the six exercise preprogrammed exercise routines. The setting is indicated by the color and location of the two LED lights on the unit.

The AB Gymnic has the following 6 programs: For beginners, start with a mode and intensity that you feel most comfortable with, and increase levels accordingly. Insert the CR Battery into the battery compartment. Close the battery door. Turn the Neoprene center piece on its face and place a gentle dab of conductive medium, such as water or water-based gel, onto each of the two grey colored areas of the Neoprene belt. Make sure the unit is switched off i. Put on Velcro flexible belt and adjust to desirable length.

You may place the belt around your stomach or any other areas applicable that you want to exercise. The LED light will go on, indicating the unit is now ready to function.


At this point, no impulses will be generated yet and the LED light goes on continuously without flashing. Mode 3 both LEDs are red – is recommended for beginners.

A tingling sensation will be noticed prior to muscle contraction. Select the intensity level that suits you comfortable contraction of the muscles. The intensity level is consisted of 10 steps.

Make sure you have enough Toning Gel placed on the inside of the neoprene belt. AB Gymnic is great way to exercise your muscles. It may take a few moments of practice for locating the belt correctly and abgymbic the ideal pressure that provides the best results for you.

AB Gymnic generates small, gentle pulses that are transmitted from the belt place on your skin.

These safe pulses activate your underlying motor nerves, resulting in muscle contraction. A signal is sent by the unit to the muscles, causing them to contract and then relax.

These impulses are designed to mimic the natural nerve signals and to obtain efficient, pleasant muscular contractions, which repeat again and again to simulate normal exercises. AB Gymnic uses the same technology used by many professional athletes, and much better, you get to enjoy the benefits earned by top athletes effortlessly and comfortably at home.

Regardless abymnic how strict a diet plan you have been following, muscles tend to sag and lose tone, pulling body contours out of line.

Need ABGymnic Belt Instructions – ColorApples ABGymnic Electronic Waist Exerciser Belt

AB Gymnic is portable, you may easily shape your muscles whenever and wherever you like. With a simple half-anhour daily routine you get to solve body figure problems-say good-bye to those flabby underarms, thighs, hips and tummies!

Better muscle definition is there by a normal workout routine, AB Gymnic shows the way to more noticeable body curves and visible body improvements just after abgymjic of regular treatment!

Regular physical exercise in conjunction with AB Gymnic treatment is recommended for maximum results. Similar to exercises which pull the diaphragm up.

BACK — Back muscles are important for posture; also helps with tension in this area.



ARMS — Tightens the tissue in the upper arms. The point behind the knee can be found about 4 cm above the joint. This also helps with spread and manuall. Helps tighten and flatten the abs. Exercises the lower abdomen. Great to work away the love handles. By using the front point it helps the foot arch muscle and outside shin.

Make sure enough abgymhic is put to cover the contact points. If redness of the skin should appear where the pelt has been worn, it means that the belt has dried out and there was not enough gel applied.

Keep the belt moist at all times during use. Irritation can also happen if the body has built up excessive oils on the skin.

To prevent this, the neoprene belt should be cleaned regularly with warm water to avoid the buildup of body oils. A discoloration mabual the conductive area is, however, normal. Do not wash the belt in a washing machine or abgymmnic fabric conditioner. Check the belt before every use. Make sure it has not worn out or have lost its conductivity. The product is designed for general physical conditioning only. Do not use AB Gymnic if you have diagnosed epilepsy or heart problems.

Do not majual AB Gymnic over neck or mouth as serve muscle spasms of the laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles may occur, obstructing normal breathing mechanism.

Do not apply AB Gymnic over the head or chest. Do not apply AB Gymnic over infected or irritated skin areas. Do not use AB Gymnic during menstruation or pregnancy. A minute daily routine of AB Gymnic is recommended. Do not overuse AB Gymnic for long periods of time to avoid undetermined effects of chronic electrical stimulation. It’s amnual community-based project which helps to repair anything.