Aavarana: The Veil | S.L. Bhyrappa. Blind faith. Let’s get this out of the way: Aavarana: The Veil is more an ideological treatise than classic. Aavarana: The Veil by S. L. Bhyrappa is a story of a free-spirited and rebellious young woman, Lakshmi, who marries the man she is deeply in love with. Amir. Aavarana – The Veil has ratings and reviews. Sravya said: The author does not shy away from controversy. But what’s incredible is that he gives.

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Aavarana – The Veil by S.L. Bhyrappa (3 star ratings)

Jagadeesh Mavinahalli Not yet available in Telugu. This review is for the English version translated really well by Sandeep Balakrishna. But Byrappa does lot of homework, with hard evidence for his logic to be proved. The book throws light on harsh truths of history that have been consciously hidden by the progressive intellectuals, in the interest of harmony. Lastly, there is absolutely no doubt that such a gem of a book would have been limited to one state had it not been for the brilliant efforts of Aavaraja Balakrishna.

Jul 28, Sriranga Chidambara rated it liked it. Yes, the book has uncanny similarities with real life. Every religion also has deeply uplifting ideas and thoughts that help us become better human beings. Balaji rated it liked it Dec 22, The unique position of the writer of political fiction is to combine these two facets—that is, to make the characters sound believable when they act and speak in accordance with the political agenda. Seminars have been and are aaavarana held on his novels, and volumes of literary criticism have been published on his works.


S L B is one of the best modern novelist which have his own style of narration which takes you all his books to real worldwhere you encounter the character day to day basis. It shows how the truth has been desperately veiled by politically motivated historians and the extent of the distortions.

ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

How did they treat people of their ilke? As a fact the usage of A good entertaining novel.

Return to Book Page. Aug 10, Abhiram rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Here, the issues of rigidity completely disappear, and the story carries its own weight.

Book Review | Aavarana: The Veil – Livemint

But what’s incredible is that he gives all the reasoning within the novel itself. This is one of the most controversial novel by bhairappa, in this he has basically explored how our history has been distorted by so called secular people as well as communists.

Satyameva Jayate – Truth alone triumphs! The novel raises pertinent and searching questions about religion, liberalism and identity and highlights the importance of unshackling oneself from the bonds of false knowledge.

The Veil raises pertinent and searching questions about religion, liberalism and identity, and highlights the importance of unshackling oneself from the bonds of false knowledge. Here is when the author’s politically incorrect storytelling commences. Yet India has not only survived but thrived and as hitchens put it — there will always be an India.

Ingredients for Main Dish: So, as work aaarana fiction it isn’t as engaging as ‘Parva’-the only other work of Bhyrappa which I have read, and which is a masterpiece.


Her revolutionary agenda is defeated when she reads and learns. Dr Bhyrappa is an avid listener of both Indian and Western classical music and has a keen eye for Art.

One ought read the book for this. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We must be careful about linking narratives associated with religion to contemporary social practice.

Aavarana – The Veil

He is not the progressive and liberal person she thought he was. The parts of the novel I found most convincing as fiction were, by contrast to the main body, the novella about Mughal India that Lakshmi herself writes.

While the author states in the very beginning that this book only attempts to tell the truth about our history and is not targeting any community in particular, there were many chapters where the story takes on gruesome turns and a kind of uncertainty creeps into the mind of the reader as to actual intention of the author.

Despite her father being completely against the marriage, she breaks ties with him and changes her name to Razia. I read Sandeep Balakrishnan’s English translation of this Kannada novel. As for the left wing — ignorance has never helped anybody said marx and the new India is all set to follow your leader on that note, after all the Indian DNA can never resist a good argument.