This guide will show how to install A2Billing v2.x on a Redhat Enterprise Linux It is assumed you already have Linux and Asterisk and FreePBX installed using. A2Billing is free and open source software for Asterisk, providing telecoms customer management including admin, agent, customer and online. The document covers the installation and basic configuration of A2Billing. A2billing is an open source implementation of a telecommunication billing and added.

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This guide will show how to install A2Billing v2. We do not cover the installation of the callback daemon.

A2Billing v2 Install Guide

Only required if not using Asterisk Realtime. If unsure then proceed as if you are not using Asterisk Realtime.

These are just examples. Depending on what you are doing and how you are doing it some may not apply and some may not work. Customizing this to your needs is considered beyond the scope of this document.

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A2Billing Install Guide | A2Billing

Search for documentation on Asterisk custom extensions and dialplans. If possible try find examples specific to A2billinb. This is the trunk that is used to send calls out via A2Billing. Simply select this trunk in outbound routes.

Or use default password changepassword if you have not changed it yet and then click the change a2billong link at the bottom left. Go to the bottom left and set to display all. It will find that setting twice.

One for Global group and one for agi-conf1 group. Disable Asterisk Realtime if not setting up the following Asterisk Realtime inztallation. Change that setting to “no”.

A2Billing v2 Install Guide — Wikitach

It may be beneficial to use Asterisk Realtime with A2billing. If instqllation need to create many customers it makes more sense to use a database instead of putting them all in a flat text file. Double check you have the Asterisk Realtime module installed. So if you installed asterisk samples or FreePBX and this file already exists and you are trying to add to it, do not add this line twice.

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After you add a customer to A2Billing, and assuming that customers account number is, for example, Change that setting to yes if no.

Nistallation already yes and having problems try change it to no and save and then change back to yes and save.