Find great deals for Vintage Intel D Math Coprocessor 5mhz HMOs III Technology Collectible. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The math coprocessor adds 68 mnemonics (instructions) to the microprocessor instruction set. Specific math operations. Features: It is a high performance numeric co-processor. It can work on integer, decimal and real type numbers. It has an instruction set capable.

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Microprocessor Numeric Data Processor

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The math coprocessor adds 68 mnemonics instructions to the microprocessor instruction set. Specific math operations include logarithmic, arithmetic, experimental, and trigonometric functions. The math coprocessor provides functions meant specifically for high-performance numeric processing requirements.

Trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions are built into the coprocessor hardware. These functions arc essential in scientific, engineering, navigational or military applications.


Intel – Wikipedia

The microprocessor intercepts and executes the normal instruction set and the coprocessor intercepts and executes only the coprocessor instructions. The coprocessor instructions are actually escape ESC instructions. These instructions are used by the microprocessor to generate memory address for the coprocessor so the processor can execute coprocessor instructions.

The internal coproxessor or block diagram of math coprocessor is shown in Figure below.

8087 Numeric Data Processor

The architecture of the is divided into two parts: Emitted by the CPU, the control unit determines when an instruction copdocessor being fetched. If the instruction is an ESC instruction, the coprocessor executes it, if not, the microprocessor executes it.

The control unit maintains an instruction queue, that is identical to the queue in the host CPU. The Numeric Execution Unit NEU is responsible to execute all the coprocessor instructions that involve the register stack: The data path in the NEU is 84 bits wide coprocesosr fractions, bit exponent, and I bit for sign which allows internal operand transfers to be performed at very high speeds.


The registers include in the NEU are stack registers, status, control, tag, and exception pointers. A few instructions are available coprocessod perform data transferring between the coprocessor and the AX register of the microprocessor.

The FSTSW AX instruction is the only available instruction to the coprocessor that allows direct communication between coprocessor and microprocessor through the AX register. The stack register within the coprocessor is 80 bits wide. These stack register always contains an bit extended precision floating point number. Coprocessog in your pocket Download our mobile app and study on-the-go.